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ManpowerGroup Spain invites the students on the Master in Human Resources to visit its facilities in Madrid

Friday, 15 de December, 2017

On the morning of 14th December, the students of the Master in Human Resources Management at the Madrid Campus had the opportunity to take a tour around the brand new and elegant and elegant infrastructures owned by ManpowerGroup at the heart of the capital. During the day, they also gained an insight into both the values and the operations of this multinational, which is a global leader in talent strategy.

To begin, Irene Marchante, the Director of the Selection Department of ManpowerGroup Spain, gave the participants a brief overview of the group, which is formed by five business lines: Manpower, Experis, ManpowerGroup Solutions , FuturSkill and Right Management, each specializing in providing a response to the different needs of the environment. After watching a short corporate video, Marchante emphasized that we are currently in the “the age of people, and talent is own of the key factors”.

The multinational is underpinned by three fundamental pillars: people, knowledge and innovation. “We strive to enhance talent development. Attracting, developing and retaining talent are our three main objectives”, emphasized the expert in Human Resources. It should be noted that one of the differential values of ManpowerGroup is its firm commitment to development. One demonstration of this commitment is the We talent You program, which aims to attract talent and help it grow, so that it can subsequently form part of the Manpower family. “The key factor is the people and we care about their development. We ant them to join us, stay and develop with us”, added Marchante.

Teresa Martínez is one of the latest new recruits to join the Group, and she only has good things to say about the experience. “I only decided to leave Soria and come to Madrid so that I could join Manpower. From the very first day, I felt like just another member of the team. They took all my opinions into account”, she explained, We also had the opportunity to meet Álvaro and Sofía, two other young talents who joined Experis a few months ago, specializing in highly qualified profiles.

Sofía García was also an EAE student and she joined Experis thanks to the training she received on the Master in Human Resources Management. “Thanks to EAE’s Employment Exchange, I had the chance to take part in a selection process at ManpowerGroup”, explained the former student.

Both new recruits at Experis emphasize how satisfied they feel to be able to embark on their professional careers at the multinational. “You learn a lot. Right from the very first day, you are given a great deal of autonomy and put in charge of projects”, said Álvaro. Meanwhile, Sofía highlighted one of the pillars that underpins the Groups: its people. “The best aspect of the Human Resources sector is that we deal with people like ourselves”.

During the talk, the students participated a great deal and asked a long list of questions about the company’s criteria and operations. The questions that the students of EAE Business School asked Irene Marchante included the profile and requirements they have to fulfil. “We are 100% flexible. We don’t focus ion a specific field of education. The aspect that we value most is a desire to learn. We are looking for people who contribute ideas and get involved”.  Moreover, Marchante highlighted that talent retention is another of the Group’s clear objectives. “Currently, 100% of the candidates that join ManpowerGroup through the We Talent You program end up being contracted. Their time and efforts, together with our tools, have to enable us to take a step forward: working together”.

The Impulsa Plan is another new scheme at the multinational that started in 2017. This involves providing all the members of the Group an extensive range of benefits completely free of charge through a platform. “The Impulsa Plan is made up of three different blocks. Through ‘Alares’, ‘Power You’ and ‘Club Contigo Más’, all of the employees of ManpowerGroup have access to free training courses and discounts of various products”.

To finish off, the students of EAE Business School had the opportunity to take a guided tour led by Irene Marchante herself, who kindly explained every hidden part of the new offices of ManpowerGroup Spain.