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Thursday, 27 de September, 2018

Alberto Marina took the Master in Supply Chain Management at EAE and he now works as the Repair Manager for Iberia at the company Ingenico Group. Pilar de Obeso  took the Master in Business Administration and Management and now works as a Project Manager at the organization Software Greenhouse. After taking the Executive Master in Business Administration, Fernando Sánchez now holds the position of Iberia SW Business Development Manager at the company Diebold Nixdorf.

As far as Fernando Sánchez is concerned, any edition of the Alumni Reunion represents a special occasion for analysing the main innovation trends in the different sectors. In his opinion, the most important aspect of this reunion is that it is based on cases of real success stories, analysing specific situations that transcend theoretical aspects, focusing on the key factors that ensure that a business idea goes the distance. Alberto Marina is looking forward to taking part in the Alumni Reunion 2018 to catch up with his old con classmates, meet people that he works with and, most importantly, listen to the speakers discussing some extremely interesting ideas and who “show you the path that companies are following nowadays”. Pilar de Obeso agrees with them that the content of the presentations is a big draw, as well as the added motivation of seeing old friends and classmates. Moreover, Pilar emphasizes the impeccable organization by EAE Business School.

Top-Quality Speakers

Fernando Sánchez attended the 2017 edition of the Alumni Reunion, which he describes as “a rewarding experience”, highlighting the presentations of Beatriz Navarro (FNAC) on digital transformation, and María Marte and Luisa Orlando (Club Allard) on change management within a culinary innovation model. Pilar de Obeso has taken part in all the Alumni Reunions and is in complete agreement with Fernando with respect to the quality of the presentations.

The participation of top-class speakers such as Jonas Kjellberg, Co-Founder of Skype, give attendees the opportunity to “learn about really success stories that act as inspiration for our respective roles and areas of responsibility” explains Fernando Sánchez, who appeared on EAE Business School’s Dean’s List 2015-2016. “People often take advantage of this kind of event to meet up with old classmates from their Master and discuss the various case studies presented during the event,  greatly enriching the initiative by embracing different points of view in relation to the same issue”.

In Alberto Marina’s opinion, this type of leader must set an example for young people, “giving new entrepreneurs encouragement to dream, which is so badly needed nowadays”. Pilar de Obeso emphasized the quality of the speakers.

Bands between EAE’s Alumni Community

Fernando Sánchez keeps in contact with classmates using WhatsApp and they meet up regularly. Moreover, he has kept in touch with certain classmates for occasional projects or professional collaborations. Alberto Marina finds maintaining his relationships with his classmates more complicated due to a lack of time, but he admits that he still has strong bonds with certain EAE lecturers. Pilar de Obeso has built friendships that have continued to grow since the very first Alumni Reunion, one of her motivations for not missing the event each year.

Fernando thinks that the Alumni Reunions are a great opportunity to enrich and maintain the “business side of life”, and he often takes part in the other initiatives that the School runs. Alberto Marina was an EAE lecturer on the SCPro certification and he works closely with EAE, organizing events designed to disseminate knowledge about Supply Chain Management. He also forms part of the School’s mentoring project. Pilar de Obeso says that her bond with EAE is growing and being consolidated year after year. Pilar feels that she forms part of a global project and she is “convinced that a large part of the School’s success is a direct result of the human warmth and professionalism of the team throughout their contact with students”. 

The Master and professional projection

Discussing the Master in Business Administration and Management, Pilar de Obeso emphasizes aspects including team management, inter-departmental communication and the development of sales strategies. Talking about the Master in Supply Chain Management, Alberto Marina highlights aspects that he has applied to his professional life, such as analytical skills and “knowing the need to establish fruitful relationships with bit suppliers and customers, in order to be as efficient as possible throughout the management of all the company’s operations”.

Fernando Sánchez took the Executive Master in Business Administration and particularly values the knowledge acquired in relation to Strategic Management (in terms of both formulation and execution), as well as Commercial Management and B2B Marketing. “As the software business development manager at Diebold Nixdorf for Spain and Portugal, my responsibilities include defining and supervision the execution of the commercial strategy of the software business in these countries” he explained. He went on to add that “EAE taught me to have a broader overview of business with greater perspective in terms of the different areas of responsibility that interact within the sphere of business, as well as greater knowledge of other markets and segments, not only in terms of the content covered in the classes but also based on the experiences shared with my classmates within a heterogeneous yet highly united team”.