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24 May





Self-Leadership Program - Module 1: Self-awareness as the foundation of leadership Workshop 1: What motivates me (FT/ENG day 24h May Madrid)

This Program is for students of April 2019 season only

Friday, 24 de May, 2019 09:00

The first module aims to answer the philosophical question “who am I?”. In the modern world, we cannot be good leaders unless we self-lead, and we cannot self-lead unless we know ourselves.

The essential objectives of this workshop:

- Gaining an in-depth understanding of self-awareness as the necessary starting point for working with others and developing personal leadership.

- Reflecting in the degree of alignment of our behaviour and decisions with our personal motivations and values.

- Applying creativity to the projection and design of our personal vision.

- Gaining awareness of the way each person observes the world (empowering or limiting beliefs) and the impact of this on their decisions and actions.

To carry out the workshop will require a minimum of 15 people registered, otherwise, the school reserves the right to cancel the workshop.

The groups will be formed in order of registration until be completed.

Please, if there is any change or modification in your attendance, we will kindly thank if you leave an e-mail to campusmadrid@eae.es  In this way, we will check the capacity and arrange the waiting lists. Some days before the event, you will receive a reminder e-mail.