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18 January





Self-Leadership Program - Module 2: How I relate to others. Workshop 3:Trust as a foundation (FT/Barcelona)

On January 18th at 9 am will be the first session of the Module 2: How I relate to others. This Program is for students of october 2018 season only.

Friday, 18 de January, 2019 09:00

The second module focuses on how we interact with others. While we only concentrated on the individual in the first module, we move forward in this module to observe how the individual relates to others.

A particular emphasis will be placed on concepts such as listening, empathy, trust, emotions, self-control and positive attitude.


- Understanding trust as the key factor in how teams function.

- Organizations are networks of people. Working on the skills required to understand others and cultivate relationships of trust within organizations.

- Incorporating key competences, such as effective feedback, to promote development of the team members and develop a culture of lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

- Learning to identify our emotions and how they affect us in our everyday lives, without losing control.


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