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20 July





Self-Leadership Program - Module 2: How I relate to others Workshop 4: Emotions and attitude (FT/Madrid)

On July 20th at 9 am will be the fourth session of the Module 2: How I relate to others. This Program is for students of april 2018 season only.

Friday, 20 de July, 2018 09:00

This final module focuses on the issue of how we influence and lead others. It is the culmination of
all the previous modules and emphasizes that, at EAE, we develop leaders who, first and foremost,
lead themselves.

A particular emphasis will be placed on how we can get to know others through communication
(verbal and non-verbal), influence and lead in our environment. We will analyse different styles of
leadership in order to verify how effective they are.


- Understanding the different profiles and styles of communication of the people we interact with,
developing skills to enhance our impact and influence on the environment and our work teams.

- Learning new ways of understanding the challenges of teamwork and how organizations operate,
working on the concepts of shared Culture, Vision and Values.

- Identifying and developing the leadership and influence styles required in the new environments.

Remember that once the registration is done you have automatically reserved a place in the event. Any modification related to your registration please contact campusmadrid@eae.es. Approximately three days before the event you will receive a reminder e-mail indicating the room.

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