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15 February




Self-Leadership Program - Module 3 :Key strategies for action. Workshop 6:Flexibility, creativity and adaptation to change (FT/ENG day 15 February Barcelona)

This Program is for students of October 2018 season only.

Friday, 15 de February, 2019 09:00

In the first two modules, we have analysed ourselves and how we interact with the people and the world around us. In this module, we will examine the strategies and key competences that will help us succeed in the changing world we discussed in the introduction.

We will carry out a detailed analysis of results orientation and its impact on individual and team performance. We will also conduct an in-depth examination of flexibility, creativity and adaptation to change.


- Gaining an in-depth insight into the key competences for enhancing personal productivity and for operating with responsiveness, flexibility and proactiveness in dynamic and changing environments.

The groups will be formed in order of registration until be completed.

Please, if there is any change or modification in your attendance, we will kindly thank if you leave an e-mail to campusbcn@eae.es  In this way, we will check the capacity and arrange the waiting lists. Some days before the event, you will receive a reminder e-mail.