Services for the student

Servicios Transversales EAE business school

Servicios transversales para alumnos de EAE business school

Online Jobs Forum

Space for an annual meeting between students and recruiters attended by the most prestigious companies and consultants looking for the talent offered by the students of EAE Business School.

Employment exchange

EAE students and alumni have access to EAE's job board, with more than 2,800 collaborating companies and more than 4,000 offers published in 2015.

Business Competitions

They are international competitions organized by collaborating companies, designed to identify the best students of prestigious business schools and universities. They are based on the development of group strategies that allow to identify students with the best competitive abilities for a certain company

Talent Development Webinars

Monthly cycle of online talks with consultants and Human Resources companies that aim to offer students tools to improve their employability, know the profiles most demanded and analyze career possibilities.