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16 June





SOFT SKILLS 1: Inspiration and motivation (Full Time English Madrid)

Session: 16th June, 09.30-13.00

Friday, 16 de June, 2017 09:30

Acknowledging that the only interest that drives people is material would relegate us to the level of insubstantial animal transition. How can we inspire others to shift their attention beyond their personal needs? How can we apply ourselves with passion to a task that, in fact, we are indifferent about? Inspiring requires us to have found what mobilizes us, enabling us to make an impact on others. Surpassing a common purpose is the response given from the perspective of authentic leadership.

Dedicating our lives to projects which, driving us into action, focus on the development of our partners is the best way to live a full and meaningful life in the professional sphere as well.

For any questions, you can write to campusmadrid@eae.es