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14 July





SOFT SKILLS 3: Understanding organizations (Full Time English Madrid)

Session: 14th July, 09:30h - 13:00h

Friday, 14 de July, 2017 09:30

Having an understanding of the evolution that companies have undergone since the first stages of the Industrial Revolution right up to the present day is crucial in order to refine the concept that people had and achieve full awareness of the challenge that we face. Complexity and change have come to dominate a landscape in which speed takes precedence over a calm approach, and liquid and fluid qualities are more desirable than steadiness and immovability. It is a matter of being faster than all of your rivals.

Change, as a necessary factor, can be triggered by the launch of a new product while the lifecycle of its predecessor has not yet come to its end. Understanding organizations requires us to understand people and how to lead them with the appropriate interpretation of each particular situation.


  • The theory of organizations (organizational development)
  • Situational leadership