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20 October





SOFT SKILLS 4: Values and action (Full Time English BCN)

Session: Friday, 20th October, 09:30h

Friday, 20 de October, 2017 09:30

Distinguishing between principles and values turns out to be a vital requirement in order to understand that human beings are not only defined by their values, but rather it is also and fundamentally their principles that give us enough clues to gauge what type of individual we are dealing with.

Somebody who, striving to ascertain the result that their actions have on others, aims to enhance the overall good, adapts their conducts to a set of principles (the why) that will require action: the values (the how). Showing oneself to be dedicated, loyal or hard-working should not be seen as a positive thing when the person’s goal is selfish, malicious or nefarious (principles).

“Doing good well” is clearly different from “Doing good whatever”. This is not just a question of intellectual and emotional skills but also and above any other consideration, a matter of ethics which strive to take ownership of a set of actions that should aim to achieve good at a collective level.


  • Values at work
  • Morals
  • CSR
  • Environmental awareness