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15 June





SOFT SKILLS: Adaptability and resilience (FT/ Barcelona)

Next June 15, the Soft Skills session on "Positive Thinking" will take place from 9:30 a.m. This workshop is only for the students of October 2017 season.

Friday, 15 de June, 2018 09:30

Resilience is an individual’s or organization’s capacity to overcome adversity in such a way that, once the challenge has been overcome, they regain their attitude and life’s purpose. As such, we must gain an in-depth insight into our own personal vision so that, being aware of it, we can reflect in the levers of strength with which we have equipped ourselves over time.

Guided by firm principles and values, focused on the task at hand, with the path to follow set out before us, the time will come when, faced with setbacks, we have to rely on our stronghold of convictions in order to persevere along the path or perhaps, having reflected on the matter, change our path, an exercise in adaptability. This is the reality of life in companies: withstand and overcome or transform and adapt – anything else will end up being a mistake or inadequate. 

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