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10 March





SOFT SKILLS Competence 5: The emotions (Full Time English BCN)

Sessions: 10th and 17th March, 14.30 -16.00

Friday, 10 de March, 2017 14:30

Although emotions are always present in human beings, they shouldn’t determine us. A solid knowledge of their management should enable us to give them shape and obtain the best results. Otherwise, how could we explain the behavior of such people as firemen, who risk their lives trying to put out a fire? Their emotion, which compels them to run away from danger, is restrained by their knowledge of how their effort to take over instincts could result in saving other lives.

Emotional intelligence is perhaps the best way to proceed. When the mechanisms of the cognitive area are applied by default, the emotional intelligence will be the distinguishing feature.  This is the same when it comes down to experience. If we were all engineers, the difference should be established in the emotional area. If we were all full of experience, it is again the emotional area the aspect which will set yourself apart.

Good news is we can always grow within the emotional area. It’s never too late to get started in this realm which is a fundamental part our lives both as members of a company and more extensively as members of society.

The participants in the 1st workshop are the same as the participants in the 2nd workshop. You register only once for both sessions. The 2 workshops are interrelated and deal with different parts of the competence. Limited capacity.