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Start Date:

17 March





SOFT SKILLS Competence 6: Self-control (Full Time English Madrid)

Sessions: 17th and 24th March, 14.30 -16.00

Friday, 17 de March, 2017 14:30

If we want to fully take over the result of our actions, we must regulate and control our deepest impulses. In any case, true freedom derives from an exercise of control.

To decide at liberty means to make sound choices, that is, based on ethical criteria. The foundations which allow us to make decisions in a fruitful manner is the self-control. Once we have settled this goal and its corresponding route to get it, we just need to follow a disciplined course of action to make it possible. Control then reveals itself as a necessary and outstanding collaborator.

The participants in the 1st workshop are the same as the participants in the 2nd workshop. You register only once for both sessions. The 2 workshops are interrelated and deal with different parts of the competence. Limited capacity.