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24 November





SOFT SKILLS: Emotions (Full Time English)

Session: 24th November 09.30

Friday, 24 de November, 2017 09:30

Although they have always been present in human beings, emotions should not define us. When acting on them, knowledge should mold them in an attempt to find the best response. If this were not the case, how could we explaina fireman risking his life to put out a fire? His emotion, telling him to run the other way, is tempered by the knowledge that he can save other people’s lives, overriding his instinct.

Emotional intelligence is the best tool for introducing yourself. This is where the cognitive aspect takes on vital importance. Emotional intelligence will become the factor that sets you apart. The same is true when experience is your way in. If we were all engineers, they would have to search for a differentiating factor in the emotional sphere. If we all had extensive experience, once again, it is our emotional capacities that make us stand out. This is what will eventually make the difference.

The good news is the fact that we can always grow emotionally. It is never too late to embark on this necessary path in our lives in companies and in the society of which we form part.