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12 January





SOFT SKILLS: Empathy and Collaboration (Taken April 2017 Full Time)

Session: Friday, 12th Juanary, 09:30 h

Friday, 12 de January, 2018 09:30

Collaborating means sharing efforts, triumphs and failures, having overcome individual egotism, in an attempt to achieve whatever end we have in common. However, how can we take this approach without interiorizing the external point of view as our own? Without the capacity to feel the suffering of others, without the drive to push forward to further other people’s efforts, without empathy for what the common project requires, collaboration would simply be impossible.

Our professional career, and our personal journey as well, will be inevitably be determined by our capacity for empathy within our social relations in life. Between ‘you’ and ‘me’, there lies empathy, which, if it exists, can make the ‘we’ of High-performance teams a reality.



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