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08 June





SOFT SKILLS: Positive thinking (FT/ Madrid)

Next June 6, the Soft Skills session on "Positive Thinking" will take place from 9:30 a.m. This workshop is only for the students of October 2017 season.

Friday, 8 de June, 2018 09:30

Tackling problems, and keeping control of the feelings that are understandably generated by them; avoiding a lack of responsibility in the childish belief that, by covering your eyes, your problems will vanish; in short, taking ownership of the response with which we tackle our disputes in life – this is the outlook, positive in its very essence, that we have to adopt.

Anybody who takes ownership of the result of their actions, embracing the responsibility for them that is rightfully theirs, takes the role of protagonist in their own life, rather than a victim of it. Through their positive pro-activeness, they will be able to see what is hidden from others. For those who manage it, an entrepreneurship becomes their natural territory. The way we look at life is defined by our mental maps.  Thanks to our positivity, being invulnerable to despondency, not only are we able to take advantage of the reactive benefits of unforeseen opportunities, but rather, with our attitude, we will also generate them.

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