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15 December





SOFT SKILLS: Systemic thinking (Full Time English)

Session: Friday, 15th December, 09:30 h

Friday, 15 de December, 2017 09:30

Understanding the whole and its connection to the parts is the basis of systems thinking. We no longer perceive companies as the sum total of departments that complement each other in a quest for better profit. Holistic thinking, the only approach that facilitates the appropriate interpretation of what happens at the heart of any organization, encourages is to take into account the interests of partners, supplier, customers, employees, trade unions, society in general, etc. (stakeholders) in order to ensure that companies’ relations are underpinned by the principle of the common good.

From Adam Smith to the present day, the conceptualization of companies as a system has evolved at the pace of what companies themselves have advanced, through constant innovation. This gives rise to the need to identify theories that, by interpreting the system appropriately, enable us to take action in the right way in strategic and professional terms.

The soul that binds the whole systemic network together comes from people and their ability for growth and learning. Unless due attention is paid to the system, it is sure to crumble.


  • Game theory
  • The five pillars
  • The theory of the mind
  • The theory of stakeholders and the common good