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15 December





SOFT SKILLS: Systemic thinking (Taken October2017 Full Time) Barcelona

Session: Friday, 15th December, 09:30 h

Friday, 15 de December, 2017 09:30

To understand the whole and its connection with its different parts is the defining pattern of systemic thinking. It’s not about conceiving the company as a conglomerate of different departments which aim for mutual benefit.

Holistic thinking, the only one allowing a correct apprehension of what’s really going on at the core of any organization, invites us to take into account interests coming from associates, suppliers, clients, employees, syndicates, general society… (Stakeholders) in a way that common welfare might be the main principle regulating their relations.

 From Adam Smith to current times, the conception of the company as a system has evolved through the pace of self-promoted innovation. Out of this framework stems the need to know those theories which enable us to design both strategic and professional guidelines by interpreting the system adequately.

The emotional foundations of all the systemic scheme lie within each person and his/her abilities to grow and learn. Unless we pay considerable attention to this element, the system will collapse.