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26 January





SOFT SKILLS: Values and action (Taken October 2017 Full Time) Barcelona

Session: Friday, 26th January, 09:30 h

Friday, 26 de January, 2018 09:30

To distinguish principles from values turns out to be a must in order to understand the fact that human beings are not only qualified by their values but also, and fundamentally, by their principles. These principles are the features which will end up shedding light on what type of person we’re dealing with.

That person who attempts to foresee the results of his/her actions upon others aiming at their well-being is adjusting his/her behavior to a set of principles (responding to the question what for) which in turn will be in need of action: the values (responding to the question how). If somebody strikes us as being committed, loyal or hardworking (values), we don’t necessarily infer they are positive features if what this person is trying to achieve is considered to be selfish, evil or mean (principles.)

Doing the right thing is clearly opposed to doing no matter what thing right. It’s not only about intellectual and emotional knowledge. Ethics takes over any other factor and works towards a common welfare.


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