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Thursday, 5 de July, 2018

The accolade reaffirms the importance of companies for EAE Business School, which runs Company Meetings at which leading firms present their recruitment and talent acquisition programs. This year,  LVMH’s Inside Program has recruited the largest number of students at the School, with 32 students of EAE Business School taking part in the Inside Program, 6 of whom have gone on to join the workforce at Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH).

Carmen Salamero, the Director of Human Resources for Spain and Portugal at LVMH, expressed her pleasure and satisfaction on receiving the Top Recruiter Award 2018. “For LVMH, this is a real joy and honour to be at the EAE Graduation Ceremony and receive this award in recognition of being one of the groups that has worked most with the students of EAE Business School”.

Passionate about people management and development, committed and energetic, Carmen Salamero has been working for over fifteen years in the human capital sector. Her experience has mainly focused on the retail sector, in which she has developed the vision of a global businesswoman.

With a style strongly based in  results orientation, Carmen Salamero shares values with EAE Business School, such as her strong vocation for internationalization. “At LVMH, we are committed to diversity, just like EAE Business School. We have international students who are perfectly aligned with LVMH’s values, such as creativity and innovation, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit.

LVMH’s Inside Program

The LVMH Inside Program is being run in 2018 for the first time in Spain. ”It is a program organized at an international level that has been run in Paris for many years now” explained Salamero. EAE Business School has taken part in order to “enable students to gain experience in the French luxury group and an insight into its innovation” added the Director of Human Resources of the LVMH Group in Spain and Portugal.

In total, 55 students of EAE Business School have been selected to take part in the luxury giant’s recruitment program, a four-month experience with students from different countries, including internships in the various companies that form part of the French group. In Carmen Salamero’s opinion, Inside has been a great success “for Spain, because our representation has been marvellous”.

The most recruited profiles for the LVMH Group

Although the star department for the cosmetic and luxury multinational is Marketing and Communication, Carmen Salamero underlined the growing importance of the digital world. She went in to specify that, at LVMH, there are constantly positions on offer, from Finance to Sales. Moreover, Salamero added that she is “a believer in encouraging students to try out the retail sector, which is not as well-known and, in my opinion, where there are greater opportunities on offer”.

New technologies and HR

In the recruitment expert’s opinion, the world of Human Resources is one that most needs technological change. “I believe that, at a cultural level, we have started to embrace that different way of thinking and working but, at a technological level, we still have a very long way to go” explained Carmen, who emphasized the lack of change in her department’s perspective: “Technology offers us the tools that can most help us to create databases, innovate and be different, all to ensure that they no longer see us (the HR Department) as a payroll management section and little else”.

Applying technology to talent management offers an essential added value in the area of Human Resources as far as Carmen Salamero is concerned. She emphasized that there are lots of things that we can do in this respect and “the help that technology provides would be limitless”.