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Kiersten Camacho, a student on the Master in Financial Management

Monday, 19 de March, 2018

EAE Business School boasts a great employment portal for its students. With this platform, the Professional Careers Service offers the students who register the opportunity to develop their professional future. Kiersten Camacho so the offer to work at Correos on the platform and did not hesitate to apply. Moreover, events such as the recent Talent Week 2018 give our students access to fantastic employment opportunities.

Camacho did not have to think twice with respect to applying to the Young Talent Program run by Correos. After making it through a long selection process, the Ecuadorian student felt like she had won the lottery. “My time in education made me realize the area in which I wanted to specialize” and, although the numbers side of things gave her a headache, “she achieved her objectives “through dedication and effort”.

The student on the Master in Financial Management feels that the constant training that she receives at the School and in her current position have made her better equipped to approach her professional future.

First of all, what is your position at Correos and what are your daily duties?

Right now, I am working as a Purchasing Management Technician. I focus on developing procedures and work systems, standardization and database. I also provide support for supplier relations in the various categories. In addition, I help with the analysis of information for purchasing processes.

You took part in the selection process for the Young Talent Program run by Correos. Could you tell us more about the process and how you prepared for it? Why were you interested in applying for this offer? 

I applied for the opportunity thanks to the School’s employment portal.

With respect to the Young Talent Program at Correos, it involved a long selection process. At the beginning, I started to prepare with the tutorials offered by EAE’s Professional Careers Department, which helped me to improve my CV to make it more attractive. Then, in the interviews I had, I gave it all the passion I had to join Correos.

How did you feel when they told you that you had been selected?

I felt so happy because I had achieved what I had set out to do. I felt like I had won the lottery. Lots of students took part in the process and, for me to be picked, I was really excited.

What experience do you hope to gain from this position?

I hope to improve my skills in terms of software systems and processes, as well as my knowledge in this department.

Now you know the company from the inside, what have been the key factors that have enabled the transformation that Correos has undergone in recent years? 

One of the company’s strengths is professional development: the training it gives its employees on courses. I also think that a key factor is the alliances it establishes with startups to improve its delivery system.

Is the company fulfilling your expectations so far?

I think this is the first time I have ever been so happy in a job. I love the teamwork that we do and the activities I do.

As well as your current experience at Correos, you previously formed part of Unilever Ecuador for 10 months. What experience did you gain there? 

Unilever was the first step on the ladder of my professional career. The most important thing I learned there was the importance of teamwork. I also learned that you can achieve your goals by being persistent and dedicated.

You come from Ecuador. Why did you decide to take the Master in Financial Management abroad?

Taking the Master in Financial Management was a challenge for me, as I have never been great with numbers but, with dedication and effort, I achieved my objectives and managed to complete this stage. I decided to study outside Ecuador because I needed a new environment to begin my new stage of studies. I was looking for a new culture, new customs and so on. This experience has been so valuable, because I will never forget my life here as a student.

What do you expect to gain from this international experience?

In my opinion, international experience helps you stand out a great deal in the professional world, so I hope that it will be a bonus in terms of being selected for a job.

Looking back at your education, you took a Bachelor Degree in Business Sciences at the Universidad de Especialidades de Espíritu Santo. Did the knowledge you acquired give you a solid foundation for the Master? What are you gaining from this Master? Do you feel better equipped to approach the employment market? 

I feel better prepared with each day that goes by, because we are undergoing constant training. In terms of the knowledge I acquired at the UEES, not only have the given me a foundation on which to base this Master, but also it helped me to realize the field in which I wanted to specialize in the future.

Beyond the tuition, what other aspects of your experience at EAE would you highlight?

I would highlight lots of aspects of EAE Business School. However, I would particularly emphasize the conferences that the School regularly organizes, the employment opportunities and forums, the cultural activities at the start of the program and the participation of foreign students.

Would you recommend EAE Business School? Why?

Of course, I would! It has enabled me to grow as a professional and enhance my knowledge so that I can then apply it in the professional world.

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