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Monday, 16 de April, 2018

At KISS by Axa 2018, the talent of EAE Business School has had the chance to shine and, more specifically, the talent of two of the School’s Master students, María Camila Chacón (from the Master in Marketing and Sales) and Belén Martel Enríquez (from the Master in Human Resources Management).

These two young students had different reasons for taking part in KISS by Axa. In this respect, Belén Martel explained that “EAE’s Professional Careers Department sent the call for applications and its objective: attracting young talent to revolutionize the insurance sector. It grabbed my attention straightaway”. In contrast, Camila Chacón has approached the event more like a personal challenge. “I signed up to put myself for the test and prove to myself that the effort and preparation I have made over the last few years are really applicable in real life”.


KISS (Keep Insurance Simple and Smart) by Axa is a project created by the French company with the aim of promoting young talent and introducing it to the world of employment. To achieve this, the insurance multinational has created a bootcamp at which the 120 selected profiles take part (university students in the third year of their Bachelor Degree/Postgraduate/Master or a professional profile with less than three years’ experience), working in teams guided by professionals from the different areas of the company’s business.

The mission of the AXA Bootcamp is to bring Generation Z closer to the world of insurance, an objective that requires candidates to show aspects such as the capacity for self-improvement, creativity and ingenuity, knowledge of the business world and adaptability to social changes. The four awards presented at the end of the process link the winners to the branches of the company in the form of its internship programs, the Graduate Program, leadership workshops and attendance at Unleash, the last of which is at an international level. In addition, AXA invites all the Bootcamp participants to an Employability and Personal Branding Workshop.

KISS by AXA, a clear turning point

The two students of the School and winners of the Bootcamp both rate their participation in the event very positively. Belén Martel has already set to work on her professional project, the publication of her own research. As far as Camila Chacón is concerned, it has been a rewarding experience that encourages her to keep searching for new opportunities in the firm belief that “you can achieve anything”.

Among other aspects, Camila rated the human value of the youngest participants at this talent event. “At AXA, millennials are incredibly highly valued because they bring fresh, innovative ideas, filled with magic. That is what AXA is all about: magic”.

Learning and talent management at EAE Business School

Studying at EAE Business School has been a key factor for Belén and she emphasized that the School “has enhanced my knowledge and competences as a professional with conferences such as Company Talent and the Company Meetings”. With respect to the Master in Marketing and Sales, Camila highlights the classes and the lecturer Rufas. “They helped me to see marketing from a completely broad perspective, where you are the only one who can put limits on your ideas, the designer of tomorrow’s speech”.

Talent management and networking are also aspects highly rated by the finalists in KISS by AXA. In this respect, Belén added that “I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by brilliant professionals and to learn from their experiences within organizations”. Camila has underlined the concept of strategic relations. “I have met marvellous talents who have given me so much with their previous experiences and their multicultural vision of what it is to study the new targets of the new generations”.