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Tuesday, 27 de February, 2018

EAE Business School chose the emblematic Madrid Casino (Calle Alcalá 15) to hold the gala dinner to mark the end of the Executive MBA. At the event, the students of the School shared their experiences and feelings from their time on this prestigious executive training program. None of us are finishing this Master as the same person who started it. We are all completely different people”, explained Sonia López Baissón, the delegate of the graduating class, adding that “we have gained a greater understanding of time and what we are able to do with it”.

Taking an EMBA, a decision that will change your life

There were several emotive messages for classmates, praise for the lecturers and memories for the students’ families. However, above all, there was a shared sense of the personal transformation experienced by the participants of Executive MBA.

Raúl Bravo, the Director of EAE’s Madrid Campus, explained in this respect that “on the Master programs, participants share unforgettable life experiences together”. Bravo illustrated this statement with examples of students with whom he is still in contact, sharing confidences and more personal times. He went on to advise the graduating students to “repeat the experience as many times as they can because it is extremely rewarding”.

Sonia López Baissón described her own personal experience. “Taking the Master has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. As soon as I posted on LinkedIn that I was going to start the Executive MBA at EAE, the changes began. I started a new job and I am now involved in a new business venture that I describe as the train that had been a long time waiting. A 360º position of responsibility that I feel really prepared for thanks to the Executive MBA at EAE to a large extent”.

A turning point

The transformation experienced over the course of the Executive MBA was another of the aspects emphasized by the attendees. Luis García Ordóñez, a student, summed it up perfectly in the following way: “When I decided to start the Master, I thought that I needed a change in my life, to acquire more knowledge. As I finish it, my mind has been opened up far beyond that. My objectives have changed completely”.

José Luis Pérez Huertas, the most highly rated lecturer on the EMBA at the Madrid Campus, focused on the attendees’ future, for whom he foresees “upward trajectories as talented people who want to steer their careers because they have complete control of their lives”.

A personal experience, as well as a professional one

Luis García Ordóñez recalled the personal experience he has shared with his classmates. In full agreement in terms of the human quality of the group, José Miguel added that the Master has surpassed my personal expectations. I have met a great group of people that I didn’t expect”.

The gala dinner came to a close with a personal recommendation from the Director of the Madrid Campus, Raúl Bravo: Never lose touch with your classmates”.


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