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Thursday, 30 de August, 2018

María Mercedes Pastor, from the Master in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Víctor Fernández, from the Master in Executive Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching, Rosana Foment, from the Master in Accounting and Financial Management and Paula Andrea from the Master in Marketing and Sales Management, share their personal experiences in the “One of Ours” section of the Alumni 5 magazine published by EAE.

Leadership-based executive skills were particularly highlighted by Víctor Fernández, who now works as a Senior Brand Manager eat Nestlé Chocolates. Víctor energetically embraces new challenges and, at the School, he gained the knowledge he needed to build high-performing teams. Rosana Foment works in the pharmaceutical sector and, thanks to her time at EAE, she now analyses reports faster and provides a more critical perspective that generates greater value in the decision-making process.

Paula Andrea works at Johnson & Johnson and describes EAE Business School as “a machine that produces dreams for special people, offering all the academic tuition imaginable”. María Mercedes Pastor is building her professional career in Mexico. The former EAE student works for Henkel’s Share Service company as a Supply Chain Coordinator. In Mercedes’s opinion, EAE has given her all the elements necessary to interact with the supply chain, describing her time at the School as an “unforgettable experience”.

Some of the projects of the EAE LAB accelerator

Also focusing on entrepreneurs who have set up their own venture, this section also includes the stories of Sara Rojas García and Martha Cecilia Castaño and their experience at the EAE LAB accelerator. Thanks to this opportunity, the students set up Mombox, an e-commerce platform for baby products. Another project benefiting from the School’s accelerator is FranZo, an African inspired clothing and accessory brand created by Francesca Ricaldi.

EAE LAB has contributed towards the modernization of Manuel Andrés Holgado and Daniel Campillo’s business model. These two students of the School have been selected to take part in the accelerator with their virtual leisure platform. Although it is currently called JoinBuy, they plan to change the name and convert the venture into an innovative startup based on blockchain technology and virtual reality. Thanks to this support, they plan to develop an entertainment platform. “We are going to contribute towards changing the way that leisure is consumed over the next few years”, the explained, adding that “we believe the best way to satisfy all our potential users is to give them the opportunity to create on our platform”.

Efficient cleaning is the claim of Clean Tracker Box, a business venture that is already making a name for itself thanks to Roger Gibert. This student on EAE Business School’s Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management has created a technological and industrial innovation startup focusing on cleaning companies. Based on big data technology, this smart device improves and expands the information available to the manager of a company about their employees in order to optimize shifts and their performance at work.

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