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Friday, 30 de November, 2018

Working in Universia’s Universities division, Jesús Lorca is responsible for covering the internship vacancies (around 400 a year) that Banco Santander posts throughout all of its corporate areas (audits, risks analysis, investment market, consumption, etc). At Banco Santander, they value students who get involved in the project in a highly demanding “yet very motivational” setting. Jesús emphasized that “interns work closely with their tutor, who monitors and guides them throughout their internship”.

“In this EAE Company Meeting, we have invited students from the School’s master programs including the MBA, and programs in the field of communication, marketing and human resources” explained Jesús Lorca, adding that such profiles “have a significant analytical component for us”. “They are training internship, not an internship contract, and aspects such as multicultural skills and talent are highly valued by the company”.

Increasingly integrated in Banco Santander with the Digilosofía concept, technology is completely changing the contracting requirements of the banking sector. “50% of the profiles are technical and 50% are financial. Both make an equal contribution. The former is a technical profile, while the latter brings the business knowledge that the other does not have, so they complement each other”.

The Santander Talent League 360° internship program

Banco Santander’s internship program includes three rotations over the course of the year. Initially, the select 10 candidates with different profiles and a high level of English (C1), analytical capacity and adaptability. After the fourth month, the first rotation takes place, which includes a performance evaluation and relocation to another department, taking into account the tutors’ calibration. The second and third rotations, after 8 and 12 months of the year-long program, are  similar to the first and including a training program with the tutor and final evaluation of the candidates.

Jesús Lorca explained that the Santander Talent League 360° internship program is rotational, which gives participants a global 360° vision. “The students start of in one department and, by the end of the year, they have three different contracting options open to them, not just one, because they have worked with three tutors in the different departments that they have been placed in over the course of the rotations on their internship”. The interns take on a greater level of responsibility than in other companies because “they are just another member of the team and they learn everything from negotiating with clients right through to global operations”. Moreover, he explained how Banco Santander adds value to the internship program. “The financial conditions on the program are pretty good, with participants receiving €900, meal allowance, the option of free transport and English courses, among other benefits”.

In terms of the possibility of being hired at the end of the year’s internship, Jesús Lorca presented a promising statistic: “85% of interns in 2018 have been contracted”, adding that aspects that counted in this respect include a good evaluation and their performance.

The key figures with respect to the Santander Talent League 360° Internship program are as follows: the program is published on 19th November, the curriculums are screened on 26th November, the English test is sent out, the telephone interviews are held and the best candidates are invited  to the Assessment Centre on 19th December for a session that includes a group exercise (space room), a business case study and individual interviews.

The minimum requirements for Banco Santander’s internship program include completing 8 months of the program, carrying out three different projects and the option of choosing the division. In this respect, the internship department and the HR managers are responsible for managing the participants’ rotation.