Current affairs

Tuesday, 9 de October, 2018

Ángel del Castillo, the Director of the GEMBA (Global Executive MBA) at EAE’s Madrid Campus explained the expectations of the 41 students on this edition of the GEMBA: “great excitement for making the most of an international training experience (residential periods in Madrid, Shanghai and New York) that enables them to transform the businesses that they are currently working in”.

The group on this third edition of EAE’s GEMBA is extremely diverse, both in terms of their educational background (30% are engineers, 20% graduates of Business Administration and Management, 50% graduates of chemistry, physics, psychology, etc.) and their places of origin (75% are from the Americas, 25% are European). In general, they all share a senior profile and have an average of 14 years’ professional experience. Moreover, the Director of the GEMBA added that they “are outgoing and have quickly built strong connections between them and started to learn while enjoying themselves”.

The dinner to mark the end of the residential period in Madrid also welcomed Raúl Bravo, the Director of EAE’s Madrid Campus. The Director of the School highlighted the international profile of the group and the broad range of sectors of activity represented, “which enriches the training for all the students”, he explained. With respect to this third class of the GEMBA, Raúl emphasized the unity between the members. “They have become a highly cohesive group in which each person brings the very best of themselves to the others, which enables them to achieve great goals at both a group and individual level”.

In Global Executive MBA is highly demanding as the participants have to combine their tuition with their usual professional activity and their personal lives. The hybrid training format takes place during residential periods in Madrid, Shanghai and New York. Despite all the effort required, the result is well worth it. In addition, the Master also brings about very significant changes at a professional, employment and personal level. Raúl Bravo explained that “the GEMBA transforms your lives both professionally and personally, helping you to strive towards new goals and achieve different objectives”.

Although the group is in the midst of the learning process, Raúl Bravo advised the students of this third class of the GEMBA “to take full advantage of every moment of the Master and give it their all, without reservation, because its will be the key to success for each of them”. Moreover, the Director of EAE’s Madrid Campus invited them to form part of the EAE Alumni Community in the future. “I am confident that this will be a constant meeting point for them, and a platform for their professional and personal optimization, as well as the place from which the joint efforts of all of them will give rise to the trends of the future that will set out the guidelines of the new professional world for the coming generations, based on excellence and a commitment to achieving a better future for everybody”.