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Marta Juan, Senior Talent Acquisition of the LVMH Group

Thursday, 25 de January, 2018

Marta Juan, the Senior Talent Acquisition of the LVMH Group for the Perfumes and Cosmetic Division located in Madrid, came to the Madrid Campus of EAE Business School with Carolina Parra, and intern in the department and also a former student of the Master in Human Resources Management at the School. They both gave the participating students an insight into the LVMH Group and then ran various group exercises in which students had the opportunity to submit their CV and present their professional profile in order to access the vacant positions at the company.

The values of the LVMH Group

Tradition, heritage and a refined lifestyle are some of the values of the business conglomerate specializing in luxury. At the LVMH Group, all the brands share aspects such as creativity, an artisanal savoir faire and innovation. Moreover, the stature of the French luxury giant is underlined by figures that speak for themselves, such as the group’s 76 prestigious brands across six different business areas, 134,000 employees and positive growth.

The Perfumes and Cosmetic Division of the LVMH Group

Marta Juan and Carolina Parra represent the Perfumes and Cosmetic Division of the LVMH Group in Spain for brands such as Dior, Givenchy, Kenzo, Aqua di Parma, Benefit, Perfumes Loewe, Make Up Forever and Guerlain.

Your professional career in LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics

Professional teams, international atmosphere, opportunities for development and growth associated with taking on new challenges are some of the promotion prospects on offer at the company. The career plan at the LVMH Group includes worldwide mobility. During the presentation at EAE Business School, Marta Juan explained that “at the LVMH Group, there is a career plan and complete visibility, you can apply for any brand within the group, which enables great development and growth at a professional level”.

Moreover, the guest speaker highlighted that diversity was a key feature of the work at LVMH. “The profile is extremely diverse. We share all kinds of experiences, which is very rewarding, as is also the case with the diversity in terms of the product and the everyday tasks. It is really stimulating. Every day is completely different”.

What profile is the Perfumes and Cosmetic Division of the LVMH Group looking for in Spain?

People with a solid training, both in terms of university qualifications and languages, with business vision. Creative, innovative profiles with an entrepreneurial spirit, a thirst for learning and an affinity for the world of luxury. The profiles currently in the highest demand at the LVMH Group are marketing and sales.

Where are the vacant positions at the LVMH Group advertised?

Employment portals such as Infojobs, Fashion Jobs, the company profile of the LVMH Group on LinkedIn  and the LVMH corporate website (LVMH Careers) are the platforms listed by Marta Juan in relation to accessing the employment offers at the LVMH Group. In terms of figures with respect to contracting through these sources, the Group’s Senior Talent Acquisition explained that although 70% of vacant positions are covered internally by employees, the remaining 30% are filled externally”.

EAE students bring specialist expertise to the LVMH Group

When asked about the potential of the students of EAE Business School, Marta Juan answered confidently. “We approach business schools like EAE directly because, at such institutions, we find the specialization that we are looking for when recruiting, as well as international profiles”.

What are the future leaders of LVMH like?

The leaders of the future are the millennials, young people, who set the new trends and are making quite a name for themselves. They are well qualified and offer a perspective that is extremely interesting for the world of luxury,” added Marta Juan in conclusion.

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