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Maribel Osuna, Carlos Fernández and Daniel Grillo visited EAE Business School

Friday, 15 de December, 2017

The Company Meeting held on Wednesday 13th December in the Events Hall of the Madrid Campus welcomed three representatives from the vehicle hire company Enterprise. Maribel Osuna the Director of Selection, Training and Development, Carlos Fernández, the Talent Development Manager, and Daniel Grillo, Assistant Branch Manager and former student of the MIB at EAE, gave participants an overview of the company’s promotion and recruitment scheme for students taking various Masters.  

Maribel, Carlos and Daniel gave the participants a description of their professional careers at Enterprise and the promotion prospects in the company. Moreover, they explained the main features of the Trainee Program, the American multinational’s recruitment and professional promotion scheme.

Company and family, the two challenges of a car hire visionary

The start of the Company Meeting focused on the presentation of the company and its original values. A professional project founded by one man, Jack Taylor, a naval aviator in the Second World War who started the company in 1957 in St. Louis (Missouri). In the early days, the small business had a fleet of just seven vehicles. Today, the multinational’s figures speak for themselves: two million vehicles, 100,000 employees, an annual turnover of 2 billion dollars and a presence in more than 90 countries with 9,941 branches spread across the globe. In Spain, Enterprise has 95 branches and 45 service desks in airports and railway stations.

Enterprise remains a family company family that is committed to continuity in terms of its values, which include honesty, hard work, the value of its brands, corporate social responsibility and, the most important, customer service. Ranking 15th on the Forbes list of private US companies, the multinational is comprised by three companies: Enterprise Rent-a-car, National Car Rental and Alamo.

Enterprise’s Management Trainee Program

The International Management Trainee Program and the Management Trainee Program are two recruitment programs at Enterprise. The first of these (which is run in Spain, Francia, Germany and the United Kingdom) was explained in more detail by Carlos Fernández, who has recently arrived from the United States to the Spanish Market, where he works as a staff trainer after the acquisition of Atesa. Daniel Grillo gave the participants an insight into experience on the second program, which is run between the United Kingdom and Spain.

Candidate requirements for Enterprise’s Trainee Program:

The Enterprise Trainee Program is a career plan based on professional excellence and internal promotion. This comprehensive training scheme include competences related to management, marketing, sales, customer service and fleet control. To take part in the program, Enterprise is not looking for a specific profile in terms of qualifications. Candidates must have a Bachelor Degree, a high level of English and a driving licence that they have held for at least a year. To check out the company’s, you just have to go to the website, download the Enterprise Alive app and fill in the required fields.

We spoke to Maribel Osuna and Carlos Fernández about the experiences of the selected candidates when joining the company and the latest trends on the market.

How well do EAE student fit the profile that you are looking for at Enterprise?

Maribel Osuna: Sales orientation, leadership and customer service is what we are looking for, because we are searching for the future leaders of the company. Committed people with a passion for what they do and ambition to develop in a company that offers lots of opportunities. At a School like EAE, there is great potential in terms of human resources.

What can young graduates expect from a company like Enterprise?

Maribel Osuna: A consolidated company with years of experience and a fun working atmosphere in which we take great care of our employees and strive to offer people the best possible professional promotion prospects.

To what extent is customer service an obsession for Enterprise?

Carlos Fernández: It’s everything. It’s an absolute obsession total. Jack Taylor used to say that take care of your customers. They are the most important thing. Profit will follow on later”. If your customer service isn’t up to standard, the customer won’t come back. You have to earn a reputation that is aligned to the brand.

What is the current situation of Enterprise Spain?

Carlos Fernández: In Spain, we have got a lot of work to do because we have just acquired Atesa and there are a lot of projects pending. This aspect makes the professional vacancies at Enterprise Spain even more attractive and, as such it is a real selling point for students, whom I encourage to join a company that is currently is a real phase of expansion in our country. We have great growth expectations and we are able to do great things at Enterprise, as I experienced first-hand in the United States.

There are great changes in urban mobility, driverless cars, Uber, Cabify, shared cars and vehicles hired by the hour. Do these changes affect the decisions you are making at Enterprise?

Carlos Fernández: In Spain, they don’t affect us, at least not yet. We have partners in other countries and we adapt perfectly to changes. Moreover, we are working at a global level on certain strategies that are currently at the research stage.

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