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Tuesday, 13 de March, 2018

Clàudia García, from Corporate Communications, and Sara Correa, from Human Resources, visited the Barcelona Campus of EAE Business School on behalf of Grifols. During their participation in Talent Week, they explained the importance of working in a company that offers positions in various places around the world and which is constantly growing. “In our three divisions: Bioscience, Diagnostics and Hospital, we are characterized by being commitment to society. As such, our employees have to demonstrate this commitment, as well as expressing a sense of belonging to the company”.

A key feature of this multinational family company is its horizontal structure. Above all, it values, effort, teamwork, attitude more than experience, a high level of English and staff who embrace innovation, as the company is in a state of constant improvement.

The opportunities offered by Grifols, both in terms of internships and starting to work with the company, are posted on its website in the section Work for Grifols, Join us. “We are continually looking for young profiles with the potential to develop an international career”. These positions are available in a range of different departments, including finance, marketing, HR and communication, divisions that are located in the company’s headquarters in Sant Cugat (Barcelona). They also consider logistics profiles at more of an international level. They emphasize that they are a global company, “and it is really enriches our organization being able to talk to and contact colleagues from countries because we learn so much”.

The EAE students are really pleased with this event, through which the School provides a unique opportunity to make direct contact with companies of this scale. “At Talent Week, I hope to network. I am interested in working at Grifols due to my background in the scientific world”, explained Francisco Monesca, a student on the MBA.

“In my opinion, companies like Grifols offer us the opportunity to work in Spain, which gives is a different perspective from how we work in Latin America, before later returning within the same company to work in our home country. I would like to work in Brazil, for instance”, explained María Teresa Yurfa, a student on the Master in Marketing Management.

Like other companies at Talent Week, Grifols conducted individual interviews with the students to find out about their profiles and assign them to the vacant positions that they currently have. In the case of Alba Alcaraz, who has just completed EAE’s Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management, it has gone really well. “I am interested in the healthcare sector because my parents work in this field and they have given me some really good insight”. Alba would like to do an internship and then work in the area of logistics or sales.

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