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Thursday, 26 de September, 2019

The Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) is a hybrid learning program run at EAE’s Madrid Campus and the universities of Shanghai and New York. The program gives participants’ a global vision of business, focusing on gaining a full understanding of all the areas related to business administration and management.

During this residential program, the students have their initial contact with the program and their classmates, build bonds as a group and take part in training sessions on leadership and finance, as well as coaching. The GEMBA students will visit the company Ericsson and participate in the in-house visit of the Director of Data Solutions at Microsoft Spain, Luis Montero Padilla. They also take part in a cultural tour of the city, followed by a teambuilding activity. Raúl Bravo gave the new arrivals some useful advice. “Make the most of this period because it is an extremely important time for you”, explained the Director of the Madrid Campus.

Ángel del Castillo, the Program Director at EAE Business School and winner of the Top Lecturer Award on Executive Programs at the 2019 Graduation Ceremony, welcomed the students, alongside Raúl Bravo, the Director of EAE’s Madrid Campus, and Laura Cecilia, the Academic Coordinator at the School. In Ángel del Castillo’s opinion, education requires a great deal of humility and must be based on a process of internal reflection and commitment. “The GEMBA requires participants to be mentally prepared, because it involves a great deal of personal and professional effort, taking time that we would otherwise spend with our families and friends”, he explained.

The Global Executive MBA Program (GEMBA)

The GEMBA taught at EAE Business School is run in three different locations: EAE’s Madrid Campus, Shanghai University and Kean University in New Jersey (New York). The program is designed for students with a certain level of professional career behind them, dating back at least 10 years, as well as having experience in executive positions. Ángel del Castillo emphasized that learning is a two-way process because the lecturers also learn from the students. “The chance to learn from you all makes these Masters work really well”. In the Program Director’s opinion, these residential programs have two key objectives: networking and coaching, which will “help you reflect a great deal”, he added.

Ángel del Castillo went on to explain aspects related to the training, qualification, calendar and teaching team at EAE, made up of professionals such as Esther Arnedo, Ángel Andreu, José Luis Pérez, Luis Montero and Gerd Loewen, among others. Next, Mónica Díaz, the Executive and Team Coach, gave a short presentation of the foundations of coaching, an accompaniment process aimed at permanent transformation, explaining the benefits for the students in terms of enhancing their strengths. After chatting to the participants on the residential program, the coach summarized the group’s motivation for being there. “You have come to support the team and classmates, give the program your very best and learn as much as possible”.

34 students are taking part on the GEMBA 2019-2020

Ángel Torres, a Mexican a self-employed construction consultant, explained that he took part in an academic exchange program years ago in Spain and he got in contact with EAE as a result. The art enthusiast wants to train in order to live in Europe again with an official qualification. The aspects of the GEMBA Residential Program that his values most are the different locations (Madrid, New York and Shanghai) and the networking opportunities.

With experience in industries as diverse as cars, construction and technology, Roberto Arana is a lawyer who has been able to adapt to the business world. He is very keen on networking during the GEMBA with professionals from companies in other sectors. Civil Engineer Oscar Melero set up a software company that operates in 4 countries and has 2,200 clients. “I am passionate about the world of business and consider myself an empathic person”.

Argentinian financial expert Mabel Nicolau explains that she is not a fan of routine. Ecuadorian student Christian Freire comes from the world of advertising and is planning to make a professional change at EAE Business School. Another key motivation for students participating in the GEMBA program is to start their own business. One such case is María José Ribón, who describes herself as an inquisitive person with a thirst for learning.