Current affairs

Wednesday, 11 de July, 2018

One of the founding pillars of EAE Business School is the work of the teachers and lecturers, a team who often combine their academic tuition duties with their professional careers in leading companies in our country. Two good examples of this are Mencía de Garcillán and Gour Saraff, who have received recognition for their work at the Graduation Ceremony of the Madrid Campus of EAE Business School.

For Mencía de Garcillán, receiving the Award for the Best Lecturer on Executive Programs has been an incredible achievement, as well as a really encouraging surprise. “It is such a great accolade that it really motivates me to keep driving forward”. The Associate Professor on the Bachelor and Postgraduate Degree Programs, as well as the Director of Marketing at EAE Business School, Garcillán also added that the accolade is the result of having great chemistry with the students, which she has certainly “had in this case, and I think that is wonderful”.

The Associate Professor on the Master in Project Management, Gour Saraff thanked everybody that had help him to achieve this accolade because “no award belongs to just one person. It is a recognition of a collective effort. The whole EAE community, the lecturers, the students and the administrative team have enabled me to reach this point”.

A Marketing Specialist, Garcillán explained how tuition has changed since she started a teaching at EAE Business School in 2007. Consumers have changed a great deal in just a few years. The digital revolution digital, brand engagement, the emotional world, sensory marketing and so on are new concepts we have only been talking about for a relatively short period of time”. Originally from India, Saraff is a born entrepreneur who has developed business ventures all over the world (the latest one being Solar Global Services), “I started my career in Calcutta in a family business. I then went to the United States where I set up various companies. I experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall in Communist Russia and I also worked in the Indian Chamber of Commerce. Every day, I learn and enjoy the globalized world”.

Gour Saraff represents the internationalization that is such a defining characteristic of EAE Business School, which welcomes students from an extensive range of countries around the world. “Every day, we are becoming more international. The School is a microcosm of the world. People from 180 countries show us their true value: their experience, thanks to which  we learn as both lecturers and students. This is the environment that characterizes the EAE experience and its true differential value” he explained.

Saraff and Garcillán both share their vocation to teach and expressed their satisfaction with the students of EAE Business School. “There is a lot of talent, a great deal of desire to learn. They are enthusiastic students who want to participate in class at all times. Moreover, they really want to take on the world when they leave” explained the lecturer on the Master in Project Manager. Despite the complexity of teaching, the Director of Marketing at EAE described her work as rewarding “when you see that the students finish their master and they ask after you, they keep in touch, they end up as colleagues at work. I find that really motivating”.

Turning to the professional future, the EAE teachers gave some valuable advice to the newly graduated students, the future executives who will have to be equipped to handle disruption, according to Saraff, who explained that, at EAE Business School, “we prepare students so that they are ready to operate in a changing, global world like ours”. He added that “the future is waiting for you. Don’t be afraid or hesitate to achieve the goals that you set yourself. The important thing is that you try to achieve them”.