Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management

executive MBA

Entry requirements and enrolment

Royal Decree 558/2010, dated 7th May, which regulates the conditions for access to official university degree education and the procedures for entry to Spanish public universities (BOE113, 8/05/2010), stipulates the following access routes, among others:

1. University entrance examinations, or equivalent tests.
2. Advanced Grade Vocational Training Programs, FP2 or equivalent.
3. University qualifications.
4. Entrance examinations for people over 25 years old.
5. Students from other education systems subject to Article 38.5 of Organic Law 2/2006, dated 3rd May, on Education.
6. Equivalence accreditation of foreign university studies (continuing the same studies).

Entrance priority is given to students who have completed a high school baccalaureate, in line with the Organic Law on Education, in social science, and who have passed the University Entrance examinations (PAU).



We respond to requests for information regarding the Degree in BAM by conducting a personal interview designed to deal with any enquiries or doubts that prospective future university students may have.
Our personal guidance helps gives students a clear overview of the study programs, methodology, professional prospects, exchanges, entry to the jobs market, internships, etc.

In addition, the students and their families have the opportunity to have a tour of the School to find out about its facilities and the atmosphere that is found in an International Business School.

Anybody interested can book a personal interview with the Director of the Degree in BAM, Itziar Bengoetxea  Joan Martí, from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00.  Accesnet

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Students who successfully complete the degree will receive their qualification from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).