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13 June





Conference Management San Isidro (Perú): "F.C. Barcelona - Real Madrid: The Eternal Match"

Next Monday, March 27 at 6.30 pm at the Hotel Sonesta El Olivar, San Isidro, (Perú), the Management Conference will be held: "F.C. Barcelona - Real Madrid: The Eternal Match "by Pilar Llacer, EAE business shcool

Tuesday, 13 de June, 2017 18:30

How the two biggest rivals in football history compete to the limit in each and every aspect of management, in key markets, and under the premise of consolidating the most important brands of global sport. Because war ends on the pitch, but key battles are played in many other fields.

Lecture-talk by Pilar Llacer, professor of EAE Business School.

You can attend with a companion.