Máster en Bolsa y Mercados Financieros

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Program description

 Máster en Bolsa y Mercados Financieros at eae business school

This Master is taught completely in Spanish

The Máster en Bolsa y Mercados Financieros is designed to equip financial directors to be able to tackle economic changes with the solvency and foresight required by organisations in today’s world. Finance professionals that are flexible and who know how to lead and direct teams, with the skills required to generate value at all times, allocate and distribute financial resources in the most efficient way possible and, above all, contribute to the management of the company in terms of achieving its objectives, based on their strategic vision.

In short, professionals that need to consolidate their professional knowledge and obtain accreditation with an official qualification, which our master's degree is specifically designed to achieve.

If you would like further information regarding objectives, study programs, the teaching staff, professional opportunities, entry requirements and enrolment, and grants and financial assistance for the master's degree. See the program description in Spanish.

At the end of the master's degree, participants will have the chance to do the examinations for EFPA

FPA in máster bolsa y mercados financieros of eae business school

Reasons for taking EAE’s Business School Máster en Bolsa y Mercados Financieros

Key points


Ranking QS

QS has recognized for the first time in its history the EAE School program among the hundred best in the world of its areas, specifically those of Stock Market and Financial Markets. The Master in Stock Exchange and Financial Markets has obtained the position 100 of the 131 that have been considered for the occasion.


EAE, member of AECA and ACCID

EAE is a member of ACCID (Catalan Accountancy and Management Association) and AECA (Spanish Accountany and Company Administration Association). Thanks to agreements with these associations, participants benefit from the activities offered by both during the course.


EFA EFPA Certification

At the end of the master's degree, participants will have the chance to do the examinations for EFPA Certification on EFA (European Financial Advisor) level. The program includes eight sessions in attendance to prepare for the EFPA examinations using real questionnaires.


Stock Market and Financial Market Plan

The Master program includes a Stock Market and Financial Market plan made at the end of the course. Here, participants have the chance to summarise and reflect the knowledge and skills that they have gained in the financial sector on the program.


Advisory Board

The contents of the master's degree are developed jointly with the Advisory Board of the financial area, formed by 21 professionals from companies like Zurich, Nike, Agbar, Affinity Petcare, Grupo Día, Schroders, Marcilla, and more

How do students learn at EAE?

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