Máster en Design Thinking & Customer Experience

executive MBA

Program Description

Today’s enormous competitiveness means that companies constantly have to distinguish their products and services on the market. In fact, the last survey of the Boston Consulting Group indicates that innovation is the main concern of general managers.

However, the same survey shows that CEOs believe that their payrolls lack the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully develop and innovation strategy.

The Design Thinking Master degree is conceived to fill this gap in the jobs market. Its aim is to create innovation professionals who have the necessary conceptual and practical tools to successfully develop processes of innovation and design thinking in companies, focusing on the use of the tools and techniques of design thinking, practising techniques of empathy to put themselves in the shoes of potential customers and detecting unsatisfied needs, developing their creativity and applying it in solving real business problems and reflecting on their own profile as potential professionals of innovation, and especially their attitude towards risk, error and uncertainty.

Key points


MERCO Ranking

EAE Business School, the second most reputed business school in Spain on the Merco Ranking 2017


Top 35 Ranking América Economía 

EAE Business School ranks among the Top 35 best business schools in the world according to the América Economía ranking 2017


Learning Toolkit

Learning and practice of a large Toolkit for each of the phases of the process. 


Advisory Board

The master’s degree study plan is developed along with the Advisory Board, which is formed by 25 professionals from companies of the like of Pepsico, Nike, DHL, Danone, Accenture, Fujitsu, Grupo Planeta, Mango, Grupo Puig, and more.


Innovation tour 

Innovation tour of different cities. 


Real Cases

Real cases from companies from around the world (face-to-face and via streaming) 



Participation in EAE’s innovation Hackathon 


Contacts with companies and Internships

Contacts with companies seeking innovative talent and internships in innovating corporations


Innovation events 

Attendance at the main innovation events held in the city of Barcelona, the cradle of innovation in Europe

How do students learn at EAE?

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