Máster en Revenue Management & Scientific Marketing

executive MBA

Program Description

The new principles of marketing are a great opportunity for businesses due to the large offer given by the use of new technologies, which provide us with previously un-conceivable developments both in the creation of products and in managing customers or setting prices.

This master’s degree is therefore intended for those who wish to develop a career in marketing and who, in this, prefer a more scientific view in which to make intensive use of technology, data and new possibilities derived from them.

The master’s degree does not waive creativity or the classical principles of marketing, but rather enriches them with online marketing, ecommerce and intense technological knowledge, market research systems, prospective research and innovation based on big data and business intelligence.

The master’s degree offers a practical and realistic view of the techniques of innovation and investigation with analysis methodologies focused on the creation of new solutions.

The whole of the training is complemented with several subjects to comprehensively develop the students as people and professionals, in which subjects will be dealt with like a leadership, people management, management of conflicts and other aspects of personal maturity, such as personal skills, control of emotions and personal brand.

Key points


Business Game

The program implements learning through business simulation in the form of a physical model, which implies the challenge of understanding strategic planning through its practice and performance in a context very close to the reality facing revenue management executives in their daily work.


Teaching staff

The subjects of this master’s degree are given by professionals of revenue management in different sectors.

How do students learn at EAE?

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