Máster en Metodologías Ágiles para el Desarrollo de Nuevos Productos

executive MBA

Program Description

A large part of the present projects occur in dynamic environments with a strong component of innovation, so the changes are not seen as a threat but rather as an opportunity for development and learning. Agile methodologies are now a reality demanded by today’s business fabric, and their mastery is a competitive need for 21st-century project managers. More and more projects now demand an agile focus in management, as the predictive or waterfall framework is no longer effective. Therefore the Master in Agile Methodologies for Development of New Product further is in the original development of new products by high-output equipment teams focused on innovation, regardless of the sector or market.


Key points


Project Sever and Sharepoint

Both Microsoft solutions will be used in ‘Knowledge Management’, ‘Project Portfolio Management (PPM)’ and the development of ‘Project Management Office (Agile PMO)’



A technological solution that facilitates the collaborative work of high-output, remote or outplaced teams characteristic of innovation projects or new product developments




Preparation for Scrum Master certification


Agile Certified Practitioner or PMI-ACP (PROJECT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE)

Preparation for certification as Agile Certified Practitioner or PMI-ACP

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