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Program description

Master in Supply Chain Management at eae business school

This Master is taught completely in Spanish

EAE’s Master in Supply Chain Management is designed to enable operations executives to gain greater understanding of the high added value of logistics processes for their companies and how to use them to increase the competitiveness of their organisations. Professionals equipped to design, implement and maintain a strategic perspective of Operations Management and, in particular, logistics and Supply Chain Management, learning about and using a wide range of management techniques and tools, with insight into how to exploit technological information systems.

In short, this Master is aimed at logistics executives who need to be able to exploit new niche opportunities of global business development.

If you would like further information regarding objectives, study programs, the teaching staff, professional opportunities, entry requirements and enrolment, and grants and financial assistance for the master's degree, see the program description in Spanish.

On completing the master's degree, students have the option of doing a two-week residential placement at Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Holland).

hogeschool van amsterdam attached to eae business school

Reasons for taking EAE’s Business School  Master in Supply Chain Management:

Key points


Residential Program in Holland

On completing the master's degree, students have the option of doing a two-week residential placement at Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Holland). This residential program is available at an additional charge to the students.


EAE, School certified by the CSCMP

EAE Business School is a business school certifed by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals to give Supply Chain Management programs.





The study plan and teaching materials of the master's degree are conceived to ready students to get through the SCPro Level 1 examination.


El Mundo Ranking

According to the El Mundo ranking of the “250 Best Masters” in 2016, this is the second best logistics master's degree in Spain.




Eduniversal Ranking

It is also among the 80 best master's degrees in the world in the logistics area, according to the “Best Masters Eduniversal 2016” ranking.


Operations Management Game

The Operations Management Game will lead students further into the challenges they face in a company's logistics area.




"End-to-end" Program

This master's degree is designed to cover the whole of the supply chain end-to-end, from suppliers to customers, and including all of the associated design, planning and management processes.




Advisory Board

The contents of the master's degree are developed jointly with the Advisory Board of the operations and logistics area, formed by 25 professionals from companies like Pepsico, Nike, DHL, Danone, Accenture, Fujitsu, Grupo Planeta, Mango, Grupo Puig, and more.





Randstad believes that demand for professionals in the logistics area will continue to rise in 2017.

How do students learn at EAE?

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