Academic Management

Bachelor Degree in Law and another in Market Research and Techniques, both from the Universitat de Barcelona, and a PhD in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


Josep Maria Altarriba has a Bachelor Degree in Law and another in Market Research and Techniques, both from the Universitat de Barcelona. He also has a PhD in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, earning the accolade of Summa cum Laude honours in the program “Law on Communication in Modern Society”. In 2001, he took postgraduate programs in Mass Communication and Media Studies at Pennsylvania State University and, in 2011, he undertook his postdoctoral research placement at Harvard University, with a grant from the Real Colegio Complutense. 

He lectures at EAE Business School on subjects related to Marketing and Communication, both on the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management and on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management. He has also taught in the Economics and Company Organisation Department of the Universitat de Barcelona, specifically in the fields of Commercial Communication Theory, Foundations of Marketing and Communication Policies and Cultural Marketing. Moreover, he has been a lecturer at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya on courses related to Communication and Marketing.

Josep Maria Altarriba academic management eae business school

Josep Maria Altarriba has been a guest lecturer and conference speaker on a wide range of postgraduate courses at different universities and business schools around the world. He is the director of the journal Harvard Deusto Business Research and a member of the Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Group (GRIT-EAE) and the Teaching Innovation Group (GID-EAE). His field of research is the legal structure of marketing and communication from the perspective of competition, a subject on which he has published a book and several articles.

A non-practising lawyer and member of the bar association, Josep Maria Altarriba is a member of the Spanish Association of Communication Research and the Spanish Association of Constitutionalists, among others. 

Since 1997, he has held various positions of responsibility in the Government of Andorra, firstly in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Director of Communication of the Permanent Representation of the Principality in dealings with the United Nations and the Andorran Embassy in Spain, and later in the Presidency of the Government in matters of communication and as the Government’s Head of Communication.



Academic Direction

Angel Borrego profesor eae business school

Angel Borrego

Program Directors

Gabriel Elorriaga profesor eae business school

Gabriel Elorriaga

Tax inspector. Auditor and Auditor of the State. Degree in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Lluís Soldevila i Vilasís profesor eae business school

Lluís Soldevila i Vilasís

Jaume Muñoz Pons profesor EAE Business School

Jaume Muñoz Pons

Master Business Administration Degree in Economics and Business Administration
Director of Marketing, Commercial and Human Resources Programs at EAE
HR Development manager at Lear Corporation

Ángel Andreu Escario profesor EAE Business School

Ángel Andreu Escario

International Executive MBA from EOI – INSEAD.
MBA in Finance from IE Business School.
Industrial Engineer, qualified at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

, , International MBA, International MBA Madrid-Shanghai
Marc Sansó Mata profesor eae business school y director del MIB

Marc Sansó Mata

Senior Industrial Engineer
Master in Marketing by UPF (Pompeu Fabra University)
Consultant and lecturer in projects of international scope related to strategic direction, competitive strategy in digital environments and innovation
Director at the International Business Master of EAE Business School
Professor at EMBA of EAE business schoool (among other programs)
Member of the Department of General Management, Strategy and Innovation of EAE Business School
Confereciante in different business schools and international forums
Research Director of Ostelea
Author of the book "The road of value: how to effectively understand, deploy a monitor successful business models"
Author of different studies and papers

Master of International Business, Program: El Reto de Emprender, , ,
Susana Cabada profesor eae business school

Susana Cabada

Director of Digital Transformation at Banco Popular at Banco Popular
Director of Consumer Finance at
Director of Marketing at
Director Business Development and Corporate Customers at BBVA
Licentiate, Work Psychology and Organizations at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Alejandro Alegret profesor EAE Business School

Alejandro Alegret

PhD in Marketing and Distribution.
Postgraduate Degree in Managerial Development at IESE.
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the Nottingham Trent University.
International Management Studies from the Hogeschool Zeeland

Master in Marketing & Sales,
Víctor Conde profesor EAE Business School

Víctor Conde

Director of the Master in Business Creation and Management at the Antonio de Nebrija University
Marketing and communication consultant at Publicis Dialog
Director General at IMP
Director of development and new business in Tapsa
Director of Advertising and Promotion at SEVILLA EXPO'92
Degree in Commercial Management and Marketing, Commercial and Marketing at SIC: Business & Marketing School
Degree in Business Sciences, Business at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Elena Puerto Casanovas profesora eae business school

Elena Puerto Casanovas

Director Master Account Management and Management Control at EAE Business School
Propaganda Coordinator at EAE Business School
Professor of Accounting and Finance at EAE Business School
Bachelor, Economics at Universitat de Barcelona


José Ramón Robinat i Rivadulla profesor eae business school

José Ramón Robinat i Rivadulla

Javier Crespo profesor eae business school

Javier Crespo

Master in Human Resources Management from EAE Business School.
Master in Social Psychology Research from the UAB.
Master in Social Policy from the Universidad de Deusto.
Bachelor Degree in Psychology from UPV/EHU

José Vicente Pérez profesor eae business school

José Vicente Pérez

Master of Journalism in Television by the Rey Juan Carlos University and RTVE.
Degree in Journalism from the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Marc Barà Iniesta profesor EAE Business School

Marc Barà Iniesta

PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from the UPC.

, , Master in Project Management,
Miguel Ángel Violán profesor EAE business school

Miguel Ángel Violán

Subdirector at AVUI
Director of Communication at RIU Hotels & Resorts
Director of Communication at Círculo de Lectores
News editor at TV3 Televisió de Catalunya
Bachelor Degree in Journalism
Bachelor Degree in Law and MBA

Enrique Schonberg Schwarz profesor eae business school

Enrique Schonberg Schwarz

Director of the Executive Development Program
CEO at The Yellow Ink Content Agency
Business and Strategy Consultant, Managing Partner at Area Export
Executive Development Program at IESE. Master in International Finance and Trade from the Universitat de Barcelona.

Josep Bertrán Jordana profesor eae business school

Josep Bertrán Jordana

Miembro del Registro de Economistas Asesores Fiscales.
Miembro del Consejo Asesor de ACCID.
Licenciado en Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales.

Maarten Tromp profesor eae business school

Maarten Tromp

Maarten Tromp holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Haagse Hogeschool, The Hague, The Netherlands, and holds a postgraduate degree in Informatics from the University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands and a postgraduate degree in The American Society for Inventory and Production Systems, APICS.

José Luis Pérez Huertas profesor eae business school

José Luis Pérez Huertas

PhD in Economics from the Universidad Camilo José Cela.
Master in Control and Strategic Planning in General Management from the Universidad Camilo José Cela.
Bachelor Degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the Universidad de Sevilla.

Francisco Isidro Nuñez profesor eae business school

Francisco Isidro Nuñez

Internal auditor of ENAGAS (Hydrocarbons)
Financial Director of IBERGEL
MOSA Controller
Business Capital Market Manager, International Business and Corporate Products of BANKINTER
Graduated in Business Sciences
Master in Tax Advice by ESIC - PDD
Full member of the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration

, ,
Esther González Arnedo profesora EAE Business School

Esther González Arnedo

Master in Human Resources, Master in General Management and Strategic Planning and Bachelor Degree in Psychology
Director of HR Development at Europcar
Director of HR Development at Europcar IB.SA.
Director of Recruitment and Training at Europcar

Iván Zamarrón profesor eae business school

Iván Zamarrón

Executive MBA from EAE Business School.
Civil Engineering Bachelor Degree from the UPM.

, , Master in Project Management, Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics, , ,
Carlos Andreu profesor EAE Business School

Carlos Andreu

Partner and Director at Acker&Partners.
Partner at Brain Trust Consulting Services.
General Management Program at IESE.
Executive Master in Sales & Marketing from IE.
Industrial Engineering Diploma from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

, ,
Pablo Martín Antoranz profesor eae business school

Pablo Martín Antoranz

Bachelor Degree in Industrial Sociology
Sociology of Marketing Consumption
Business Development Consultant at JAWOI TV in its Spanish Business  
Marketing Consultant at Ebrace Spain. Marketing Strategy Consultant at UNOBRAIN
Partner and Co-founder of BRANDPITH. Master in DG Enterprise. Bachelor Degree in Sociology

Miquel Serracanta profesor EAE Business School

Miquel Serracanta

Former Vice-Chairman of Supply Chain & Purchasing at Bimbo (Sara Lee Bakery Spain)
Bachelor Degree in Business Sciences and Master at Dirección de Empresas por ESADE - Universitat Ramon Llull
SCPRO-1 (2012) and SCPro-2 (2013) certified by the CSCMP
CSCP certified by APICS

, ,
Guillem Crosas Cano profesor eae business school

Guillem Crosas Cano

Senior Mobile Strategist at OgilvyOne
Co-Owner at Fan Estrategia Online
Corporate Account Manager at Vodafone
Junior Talent Program at Vodafone
Master's Thesis at Northeastern University
Internship at ELECNOR
Master in Telecommunications Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Carles Crehueras profesor eae business school

Carlos Creuheras

Teacher of Challenges of the department of communication (introductory subject) and Organization of events
Specialist in Institutional Relations, communication and BTL strategies
Bachelor of Science in Information

Aras Keropyan profesor eae busines school

Aras Keropyan

Master in Actuarial and Financial Sciences from the Universitat de Barcelona.
Qualified as an Industrial Engineer and Mathematician at the Yildiz Technical University in

, , International MBA – Barcelona – New York , International MBA
Oliva González profesora eae business school

Oliva González

Director of Infrastructures at GOC, S.A.
Director of the Dealership Business Unit at INTECSA-INARSA
Partner and Board Member at Ingeniería y Gestión de Proyectos
Partner at Deux Avant
Dealership Director at Sacyr Vallehermoso
Consultant at Steer Davies Gleave
Personal Researcher at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, College of Civil Engineering.
MBSR at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Bachelor Degree in Psychology from the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

Elena Búlmer profesora eae business school

Elena Bulmer

MSc Project Management teaching en OBS Business School
Biodiversity Project Coordinator en Worldwatch Institute Europe
Scientific Mission Manager en Fonds de Dotation pour la Biodiversité - Endowment Fund for Biodiversity
Project Coordinator en PROVITA 
PhD, Zoology en Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Spai


José Luis Marín profesor eae business school

José Luis Marín

Director of the Executive MBA
Consultant and trainer at Inspiring Partners
Master in Administration from the ITESM (Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey)
Master in International Business Administration from the University of Texas
Industrial and Systems Engineering Diploma

Merche Aranda profesora eae business school

Merche Aranda

PhD in Psychology. PCC certified by ICF
Parthner at the University LeaderShip
Collaborator in research projects at UNED
Director of HR Training at CEEX S.L
Degree in Social and Organizational Psychology
Executive Coach at Airbus Group

Ignacio Santamartina profesor eae business school

Ignacio Santamartina

Mentor and Consultant of entrepreneurial projects
European Master in Law and Economics by European Union
Project Management (PMP)
Corporate Finance
Foundation Manager

Ricardo Visiers Bañón profesor EAE Business School

Ricardo Visiers Bañón

PhD in Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Executive Management Program at IESE.

Master of International Business
Mencía Garcillán profesor eae business school

Mencía Garcillán

Director of the Cell of Solidarity in MESIAS - Brand Intelligence Spain
Publications on marketing and cosmetics
Degree in Economics and Business Administration at Universidad de Deusto


Gustavo Ramirez Pérez profesor eae business school

Gustavo Ramirez Pérez

Master in Financial Management, Master in Supply Chain Management and Technology and Industrial Engineer
Certification in SAP R / 3 (MM)
Manager at SDG Group, managing, developing and implementing national and international projects in business consulting and technology specialized in Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Big Data.

Javier Rivas profesor eae business school

Javier Rivas

Partner and Director at Indae
Director of analysis and director of professional development at Bankinter
Certificate in Financial Analyst at the Institute of Financial Analysts, License Member of the Institute of Financial Analysts
Certificate of License Operator MEFF in MEFF, License Operator License MEFF
DTB Operator Certification at Deutsche Termin Börse, DTB Operator License
PhD in Economics from the University of Zaragoza
Master's degree in Hautes Etudes Economiques by the Collège d'Europe de Bruges
Degree in History and Philosophy by the UNED
Member of the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts


, Master in Financial Management
 Jordi Vilá profesor eae business school

Jordi Vilá

Susana Gómez-Selles profesora eae business school

Susana Gómez-Selles

Degree in Information Systems Management-Computer Science Degree from the University of Maryland.
Member of the Board of Directors at Sand Resorts, S.L.
Founder and co-owner of the Hotel Finca Chica (Costa Rica), teacher at EAE Business School and at the Istituto Europeo di Design IED, at the Master of Strategic Design Labs

Ignacio Almirall profesor eae business school

Ignacio Almirall

Josep Torres profesor eae business school

Josep Torres

Jordi Ventura profesor eae business school

Jordi Ventura

Pau Pitarch eae business school

Pau Pitarch

Tomeu Pons profesor eae business school

Tomeu Pons

Juan Fernando López Aguilar profesor eae business school

Juan Fernando López Aguilar

Ramón Carrasco profesor eae business school

Ramón Carrasco

MBA in International Finance by The American Graduate School of International Management (AZ)
Graduated in economics
He has worked in Ibersecurities, Beta Capital or InverCaixa and international (Fortis or BNP Paribas) in different departments, highlighting Analysis, Corporate and Estate Management of Private Banking

Álvaro García Navarro profesor eae business school

Álvaro García Navarro

Cesar Moreno Pascual profesor eae businesss school

Cesar Moreno Pascual

Master in Marketing & Sales
Lalo Berasategui, profesor en EAE Business School

Lalo Berasategui

PhD at la Universidad Oberta de Cataluña (UOC)
Bachelor in Business Administration at la Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA)
Licensee and Coach - Benziger International Test - Self-knowledge and Neuroscience - USA
Licensee and Coach - Belbin International Test. Teamwork and Team Roles - UK

Master in Human Resources Management
Carlos Vivas Augier profesor eae business school

Carlos Vivas Augier

Francisco Cabrillo profesor eae business school

Francisco Cabrillo

Rocío Albert, profesora de EAE Business School

Rocío Albert

Roberto Torregrosa profesor eae business school

Roberto Torregrosa

Director of the MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Ostelea
Operations Manager in HUSA Hotels
General Hotels in Hotels Rey Juan Carlos I
General Manager in Prats Fatjó Catering & Services (HUSA Hotels)
Area Manager in HUSA Hotels


, MBA Hospitality and Tourism Management

Guillem Crosas Cano

Cofundador de Immfly
Máster en Dirección de Empresas Tecnológicas e Innovación por la Universidat de Barcelona (UB).
Ingeniero en Telecomunicaciones por la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).
Diplomado en Ciencias Empresariales por la Universidad de Barcelona (UB). Tesis final en la Universidad de Northeastern (Boston, MA).


Xavier Olsina Pau

Profesor en EAE,
Profesor de Finanzas en Universidad de Barcelona y otras Escuelas de Negocios
Ha sido Tesorero del grupo AGBAR, Director de Cash Management & Hegding de SEAT-VW y Jefe de Gestión Bancaria de ENDESA/Enher
Autor de varios libros y artículos profesionales

Uriel González