Case Study Center

Case Study Center

EAE has a Company Case Study Creation Centre that oversees the management the output of case studies produced in-house by the School’s lecturers, and provide them with constant training to implement the Case Study Method of teaching on a broad range of courses, primarily in the area of Strategic Management. Meanwhile, the objective of the Strategic Research Centre is to promote the production and dissemination of studies conducted by EAE lecturers and students in the field of consumption, economics and society.


Strategic research center at EAE business school

Some of the case studies developed in 2015 are as follows:

Marc Bara  |    Risks involved in the project to refloat the Costa Concordia

Francisco Martínez  |   Nespresso: The Louis Vuitton of coffee

María Luisa Solé   |  The internationalization process of Inditex

María Luisa Solé    |   The keys to Decathlon’s success

José Luis Marín   |    Mas d'en Gil winery: A Born Global Firm

María Zaragoza   |    Henkel’s success story

Joan Morillo     |  The Upol case: leadership and individual
                               motivation of salespeople

Cristina Tomás   |    Anna’s dilemma

Ignasi Estruch   |    Strategies towards a Smart Solution environment

Xavier Ruíz   |    Frozenpastry: creating an efficient supply chain

Manuel Guerris   |    Internationalization of Eurogestión y Salud

Arnold Pérez    |    Health at the click of a mouse

Jose Antonio Lanau     |    The Urbikes case

Josep Bertrán     |    Financial policy and value creation

Maika Valencia     |     Reinventing business

Víctor Ruíz      |    Survival through portfolio management

Enrique San Juan       |       A communication agency that is not at all digital