Harvard Deusto Business Research

Harvard Deusto Business Research

In 2012, Harvard Deusto Business Review and EAE Business School created the scientific business management journal Harvard Deusto Business Research. This publication originated with the aim of becoming a tool for the university and scientific community, as well as a platform for disseminating the most significant research on business management. Its goal is to be a meeting point for scientists and researchers, and foster debate and the exchange of ideas, with the aim of improving knowledge in terms of the business environment and contribute towards enhancing companies’ competitiveness.

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Concentrating on research with an academic focus, the contents of the journal consist of original studies with an interdisciplinary approach, which make a significant contribution in their field of competence and enable an advance in our understanding of phenomena related to business management from any perspective.

The launch of Harvard Deusto Business Research represents a key step to position EAE Business School in the field of research into management, training in executive and managerial competences, as well as the economic situation in an international context. This publication establishes a new channel to attract and disseminate valuable research conducted by experts all around the world, which complements the research carried out at an individual level by our lecturers and the studies produced by the various research centres of EAE Business School.

Harvard Deusto Business Review and EAE Business School

Issued twice per year, proposals for articles are channelled through the online publication. After receiving proposals, they are assessed and selected by the Evaluation Committee through a peer review process applying the double blind method. The Evaluation Committee is formed by the journal editorial board and other international experts and professors.