Study at EAE

How do you learn at EAE?

EAE Business School's methodology focuses on developing compentences understood as a harmonious series of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Our aim is to train professionals capable of meeting the needs that current, global and intercultural society requires.

Learning based on experience and skills development

At EAE Business School, training is an ongoing and dynamic process that spans classroom and society, giving the students the competences they require to interact and contribute to their surroundings, and to be an active member of their area of influence, and which allows them to achieve the goals they set themselves.


Key points


Assessment of the skills acquired

Skills assessment, with knowledge of students' current position, allows their progress to be constantly monitored their output indicators to be improved.


Case studies (Case Method)

Case analysis helps students to face real situations, to develop critical thought and build up a stock of experiences to allow them to shape different scenarios and anticipate changes in their surroundings, as well as to confirm the knowledge they have received; but, above all, the Case Method trains students in decision-making.


Project-oriented learning

The projects carried out during the course foster interdisciplinarity and teamwork by integrating the knowledge to achieve consolidated, first-hand learning that contributes to the area of knowledge in which they are training.



Problem-based learning

The presentation of a specific problem develops the student's ability to analyse, diagnose, critically judge and innovate in finding solutions. It also allows the students, in small groups, to decide for themselves what they want to learn in their area of knowledge, under the supervision and guidance of a tutor. As students go further into the full complexity of a problem, they become familiar with the situations they are going to encounter in their careers and lives.


People and values

Because knowledge belongs to and connects people, values like responsibility, commitment, awareness and integrity accompany our educational model.


The selection of resources that EAE Business School provides to students will help to turn data into information and knowledge for better decision-making. The following must be particularly highlighted:

  • Thematic presentations by teachers and experts.
  • Digital library collection. 
  • Business success cases.
  • Macroeconomic analysis of the Strategic Research Centre.
  • Academic databases with business content.


The EAE Virtual Campus is the technological platform on which part of our daily work is expressed. It is designed for students to have access to academic resources and updated information such as notes, assessments, academic materials and a digital library from their computer, tablet, smartphone and other devices. It also allows them to find out about activities, events and talks organised by the School.