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Program description

Master in Human Resources Managemen full time eae business school

This Master is taught completely in Spanish

EAE’s Máster en Dirección de Recursos Humanos (Master in Human Resources Management) is designed to equip human resources professionals to respond to the needs and challenges of the market from the perspective of people management.

Professionals who embrace change as the most effective way of generating competitive advantages, who can capitalise on new technologies, who have a solid grasp of the new generations of professionals joining the employment market, who fully understand the importance of the work/life balance and ethical conduct, and who are committed to developing, attracting and retaining talent as the best way to ensure success in the new business ecosystem.

If you would like further information regarding objectives, study programs, the teaching staff, professional opportunities, entry requirements and enrolment, and grants and financial assistance for the master's degree, see the program description in Spanish.

EAE is a founding member of AEDRH (Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors)

AEDRH Asociación Española de Directores de Recursos Humanos

Reasons for taking EAE’s Business School Máster en Dirección de Recursos Humanos:

Key points



The Professional Careers service is focused on guiding and accompanying students to achieve their professional goals and matching their expectations and interests with the jobs market. 


International Residential Program

At the end of the study period, students will have the chance to do a two-week residential stay at ISCTE Business School (Lisbon, Portugal). This residential stay comes at an additional cost for students


Human Resource Advisory Board

The master’s degree study plan is developed along with the Advisory Board of the Marketing and Communication area, formed by professionals from companies like Volkswagen, LG, IBM, L’Oréal, Grifols, Decathlon, Asepeyo, and more.



Ranking national and international

In the Top 45 of the best European masters in the area of ​​People Management (Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking Worldwide 2016-2017). Fourth best master in the area of ​​People Management in Spain (ranking "250 Masters, ed 2017" of El Mundo).



Preparation for professional certification

At the end of the master’s degree, students will have the option of going in for the certification examinations of the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) one of the main world entities of the sector.


Human Resource Plan

The master’s degree final work consists of developing a business project related to the subject of People Management in organisations, establishing the actions to be taken and the strategies to implement. Specifically, the design and starting up of a Human Resource plan applied to a real company, or the development of a project of innovation in Human Resources.


Direct contact with the sector

EAE is a member of the main human resource management and professional associations in Spain: APD (Association for Progress in Direction), AEDIPE (Spanish Association of People Management and Development) and AEDRH (Association of Human Resource Managers).


Business Networking

On the Business Networking cycle, students will attend a series of meetings with professionals from large companies and other EAE students, thanks to which the participants have the chance to expand their network of professional contacts.




Major + Minor

EAE has started up the North American Major and Minor methodological system for the first time in Spain, in the place of the traditional optional subject method.



Soft Skills program

The Soft Skills program is intended to help participating professionals complete their training with the strategic mobilisation of their personal skills. It includes ten independent monthly workshops organised along the Emotional Skills Model.



International Residential Program

At the end of the study period, students will have the chance to do a two-week residential stay at ISCTE Business School (Lisbon, Portugal). This residential stay comes at an additional cost for students.



EAE Emprende

The objective is to provide the necessary resources and environment for entrepreneur students of EAE to develop new business ideas. We accompany the needs of entrepreneurs and investors, as well as those of our students and researchers. Among the services we offer, we can highlight the Training, the Financing and the Accompaniment to the entrepreneur student of EAE.

How do students learn at EAE?

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