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Master design thinking and customer experience full time eae business school

This Master is taught completely in Spanish

According to a ManPower study, around 40% of employers show a shortage of talent. Forbes magazine, in one of its articles on the situation of the labour market, considers that the crisis is not one of employment crisis but one of skills. Professions with a high digital content have produced the so-called unemployed professions because there is a lack of professionals in the labour market and companies have entered a frantic battle to capture and retain these professional profiles. The World Economic Forum conducted a study in which it determined that by 2020, the 10 most demanded skills will include creativity, the ability to solve complex problems and critical thinking.

In this context, methodologies to foster innovation and focus on the customer, such as Design Thinking and Customer Experience, have taken on an enormous importance. These methodologies are increasingly a common practice in the forms of work of even the most traditional companies, in their process of digital transformation in which they try to be more agile and respond better to the demands of the market by adopting the work forms of start-ups.

The Master in Designing Thinking and Customer Experience aims to create innovation professionals who have the conceptual and practical tools to successfully develop innovation processes and Design Thinking in companies, focusing on the use of tools and methodological techniques, practicing "empathy" techniques to put themselves in the shoes of potential clients and to detect unmet needs, developing their creativity, applying it to the solution of real business problems and reflecting on their own profile as potential professionals of innovation, in particular their own attitude in the face of risk, error and uncertainty.

On completing the tuition period in Barcelona, students have the option of doing a two-week residential placement at Kean University (USA). 

kean university

If you would like further information regarding objectives, study programs, the teaching staff, professional opportunities, entry requirements and enrolment, and grants and financial assistance for the master's degree, see the program description in Spanish.

Reasons for taking EAE’s Business School Master in Designing Thinking and Customer Experience:

Key points


Advisory Board

The master's degree curriculum is based on the Marketing and Communication Advisory Board, made up of 23 professionals from companies such as Unilever, Sony, Mango, Nielsen, Nisan, OgilvyOne, Heineken, Endesa, BP, La Caixa or Dockers, among others.


High business focus

The content will have a strong practical and experiential component based on workshops, case studies, role-plays, group dynamics, gamified competitions in which to apply the acquired knowledge and develop skills. Additionally, the techniques and methods of Design Thinking such as storytelling, brainstorming, 2x2 matrix, empathy map, divergence and convergence, hats or immersion among others will be employed.



Participation in EAE's innovation hackathon.


Continuous update in Design Thinking

Once a month will be offered activities such as panels of experts, visits to centers and reference companies, lectures of special guests and exhibitions of real cases told by their protagonists among others.


Creative Methodology

Real cases from companies around the world (in person and by streaming)

How do students learn at EAE?

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