Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

executive MBA
86% matriculated


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Career Opportunities

EAE assesses the competencies that companies value most and passes them on to the students in order to facilitate their employability. The aim is to reach the level of development demanded by the jobs market.

In the last year, some of our Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics students started working at:


Allianz: G. Patiño / Tempe (Grupo Inditex): J. Perea / Vodafone: G. Rojas / Panda Security: J.A. Alvarado / DHL: S. Sajardo / Procter & Gamble: M. Ormeño / Tecnoexport: F. Dorticós / Unilever: A. Prato / Schneider Electric Spain: B.S. Vásquez