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The recent international financial crisis highlighted the existence of regulatory shortcomings and weaknesses in the control and supervision systems of many companies, which have tested the resilience of important sectors of business in a highly unfavourable economic setting, posing risks for the stability of the global economic system. In response to this phenomenon, the institutions of international financial governance have extremely busy churning out regulations on regulatory compliance mechanisms, their practical modes of application and their importance when demanding the criminal liability to which companies may be subject.

The classical financial sector, together with advances in new fields of business innovation, such as startups and fintech, presents great business opportunities in scenarios in which deregulation is often the standard guideline, which, in turn, poses a risk to the stability of the system when adequate control mechanisms are not put in place.

EAE Business School’s Master in Compliance is designed to train experts in regulatory compliance or compliance officers, in response to the increasing demand for this kind of professionals, who among the most sought-after profiles on the market. Between 2008 and 2018, the demand for such professionals has tripled at a global level.

The main duties of compliance professionals include identifying risks, analysing the impact of regulatory changes, determining the prevention and corrective measures required in response to corruption, fraud and crime, training executives with respect to the regulations that affect the performance of their role, and drafting prevention plans to eliminate any potential criminal liabilities. Compliance officers play a decisive role in protecting the company’s corporate reputation and business ethics. They are the main contact point with regulators and supervisors. They also help to manage internal conflicts within the company and develop the internal complaint channels. Moreover, compliance officers fight against money laundering and cybercrime, as well as advocating adequate personal data protection, among other aspects.

Reason for taking the Master in Compliance at EAE Business School:

Key points


CESCOM® Compliance Certification

The program prepares students to obtain the CESCOM® Certification issued by ASCOM (Spanish Compliance Association) which accredits students who have obtained the knowledge required to perform the role of a Compliance Officer effectively and efficiently in any type of organization.


Business Networking

Meetings with professionals from leading companies and other students, which enable you to expand you network of contacts. In 2017, we organized events with companies including Microsoft, Red Bull, HP, CEPSA and Grupo Hero, to name just a few.






International Talent Program

If you strive to achieve international professional development, you will have maximum visibility among the multinationals that work with EAE, through our Employability Workshops and interview sessions with headhunters and international recruitment consultants.


Advisory Board

The tuition plan of the Master is developed in collaboration with the Advisory Board, which is formed of 25 professionals from leading companies such as PepsiCo, Nike, DHL, Danone, Accenture, Fujitsu, Grupo Planeta, Mango and Grupo Puig, among others.



Visits to Compliance Departments

The program includes visits to the Regulatory Compliance Departments of leading companies in different areas of activity in order to gain first-hand insight on the ground of the particular features and strengths of compliance plans and the best practices applied by the Managers.


Best Practices Study

Participants work on specific case studies of real national and international legal situations in order to facilitate dynamic and practical learning, A particular emphasis is placed on analysing best practices, which will provide a base for the students’ development, growth and professional progress.



Major + Minor

For the first time ever in Spain, EAE has implemented the North American methodological system based on Majors and Minors, which replaces the traditional method of choosing elective courses.




Innovative Methodology

Participants are given guidelines on developing a true "Culture of Compliance" in a diverse range of organizations, using innovative methodologies (gamification of learning, storytelling, artistic and audiovisual creations).


Soft Skills Program

The objective of the Soft Skills program is for the participating professional to round off their training with the strategic mobilization of their personal skills. The program consists of then independent monthly workshops organized in accordance with the Emotional Competence Model.

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