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Monday, 29 de February, 2016

The time for celebration is here. After months of effort and dedication, the time has come to take stock and celebrate the end of the course. The students of the Executive MBA of EAE in Barcelona got together on the evening of Friday 26th February at the Círculo Ecuestre to attend the closing dinner of the Master, as the icing on the cake of this year and a half of tuition that started back in October 2014 and came to an end in February 2016.

The participants’ faces beamed with great satisfaction. They were delighted and excited. As they arrived, they met up with the rest of their classmates in the lobby, sharing tales of the course and discussing how their project defences had gone. In this edition, the students had five options for defining a startup project taking into account the knowledge that they had acquired over the course of the programme with respect managing a company: finance, sales, human resources, strategy and operations.

Reasons that students decided to take this EMBA

EMBA Barcelona Dinner 2016Broadening knowledge, acquiring a much more global perspective and obtaining business management skills were some of the reasons that drove these 22 students to enrol on EAE’s Executive MBA. Some of the participants revealed that the Master had triggered significant changes in their professional objectives. One such case is María, a Portuguese professional who has been living in Spain for last three years. With 15 years’ experience in the nuclear sector, she decided that she wanted to do something different and, to do so, she needed to make contacts. “I wanted to acquire knowledge, primarily of the financial sector”. The Master has changed her life: “I really feel that I should think about setting up my own business. Perhaps not quite yet but before too long. I see everything a bit differently now, and it is something that I would like to do”, she explained enthusiastically.

Another of the students, Sergi Casals, is a freelance engineer who decided to take an EMBA at EAE in order to “enhance my training and knowledge. I am an engineer. I had no idea about the whole economic and financial aspect of business. The Master has enabled me to gain insight into other perspectives of business and it has given me a much more cross-disciplinary vision”.

The Gala Dinner is a clear example of another of the student’ big objectives when they decide to sign up for the EMBA: networking, meeting other professionals with senior profiles who can complement or contribute something of value to their professional careers and expand their network of business contacts.

The closing speeches: the start of a new stage

At the end of the meal, the Dean of EAE Business School, Josep María Altarriba, said a few words to congratulate the students in a short speech that got straight to the point. “It is a pleasure to be with you here to celebrate your graduation with your partners, even though the official graduation with be in June. Thank you and congratulations!”

Afterwards, it was the turn of the special guest at the dinner, director of operations at the HUSA hotel chain and former student of the same EMBA, Roberto Torregrosa. As well as underlining the great talent that was present in the room, he wanted to highlight the enormous importance of training in the employment world. “The formal training acquired on this EMBA is as important as the informal benefits or, in other words, the opportunities for networking with the classmates, because they add an extremely useful component”. He brought his speech to a close by inviting all of the students to training their teams and see this aspect as an investment rather than an expense.

Next up, José Luis Marín Arandia, Director of the EMBA described this Closing Dinner as a bittersweet moment. Bitter because it was the end of a stage for everybody in which they had shared a great deal in common, and sweet because now they are embarking on a new phase in which each of them has to start to go their own direction. He went on to remind them that “the greatest asset is the networking, the group that you are with here," before wishing them great success for the future.

Bringing the event to a close was the duty of the class delegate Juan Ortiz, who had moved up from Valencia to Barcelona every Friday and Saturday throughout the whole year and a half for the sole purpose of taking the Master. However, all of his effort has been well worth it as he has managed to achieve two of the objectives that he had set himself: “My aim was to broaden my knowledge and do some networking with my classmates”. As well as sharing a few jokes and plenty of anecdotes about the course, his closing speech encouraged participants to adopt a “demanding, non-conformist, critical and tenacious” attitude in order to ensure quality. It was certainly an unforgettable evening for all of the attendees, who know that the next date to put in their diaries is 30th June 2016, their Graduation Day.

Congratulations to all of the students!

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