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Wednesday, 27 de September, 2017

The Undergraduate Welcome Week will get under way tomorrow at EAE Business School to give a warm welcome to the 170 new students who will be taking the first year of the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management (BAM), either in the bilingual Spanish/English format or completely in English, and the Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Digital Communication, the key new development for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The event will begin with an institutional welcome from Andrés de Andrés, the Director of the Bachelor Degree in BAM, and Albert Arisó, the Director of the Bachelor Degree in Marketing. This will be followed by an informative presentation explaining the services, experiences and practical activities that the students have access to. The following day, Friday 29th September, there will be a teambuilding activity to give students the chance to get to know each other and consolidate the group.

Meanwhile, Josep Maria Galí, the Dean of EAE’s Undergraduate School highlights the new addition to our range of programs this 2017-18 academic year: the new Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Digital Communication, which has been “very well received and which involves a new training challenge”. “Innovation and adaptation go hand in hand in the Bachelor Degrees in BAM and Marketing. A solid foundation of learning, already consolidated in the Bachelor Degree in BAM, which is now in its ninth edition, and specialization for a future that is already with us. Classrooms filled with students, lecturers and teams motivated to give support and provide a high-quality tuition experience that leaves a lasting mark on our students”, explains Galí.

The Bachelor Degree in BAM is designed to equip professionals who know how to lead, manage and run a company or organization in times of uncertainty, with a clear practical focus. It includes up to 630 hours of company internships, which count as elective credits. In addition, students can join EAE’s Alumni Community and access the services offered by the UPC.

EAE Business School give students the option of taking the Bachelor Degree in BAM in bilingual format (Spanish/English) or 100% in English. The double qualification program incorporating the Bachelor Degree in BAM and the Master enables students, within a short period of time, to round off their university studies with a solid specialization in one of the key areas of business management. In addition, EAE gives students the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus Program or to do a semester in New York, Virginia or Montreal, as well as other exchange programs around the world.


This academic year, a key new development is the introduction of the Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Digital Communication, with a qualification from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). The key differential value of this program is its strong digital component, which is crucial and well-aligned to the demands of the market due to the widespread implementation of ICTs throughout society. The program is designed to produce professionals who are well-equipped to work in any functional area of a company related to marketing and, in particular, for roles such as Product Manager, Brand Manager, Global Marketing Strategy Manager, Digital Marketing and Online Positioning Specialist, Director of Digital Communication, Mobile Marketing Manager and Director of E-commerce, among other positions. Moreover, it offers the key factors necessary for growing professionally as an entrepreneur in the field of marketing and digital communication.

In this respect, the latest independent reports on employability (e.g. Adecco Infoempleo 2016) reveal that Marketing and Digital Communication is set to remain one of the qualifications in the highest demand in the short run.


From the third year onwards, the undergraduate students who are interested in doing so can study in the United States, United Kingdom or China because, as well as the Erasmus Program, EAE has specific and preferential partnership agreements in place with Pace University and Kean University in the United States, Northampton University in the United Kingdom and Shanghai University in China, among others. EAE has a Professional Careers Service with a high employability rating.

In the 2015/2016 academic year, 100% of students who applied to the Professional Careers Service were given internships. 95.8% of EAE graduates are already working by the end of their program or start work immediately after completing their studies.

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