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Thursday, 15 de June, 2017

DXC Technology has been in operation since April, combining the business service area of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) with the IT solutions of CSC. It is a new company, but it has some long-standing credentials. “We always say that DXC has just been created but we boast the knowledge of two extremely successful companies”, explained Neus Vilà, the company’s Director of Talent & Acquisition.

The numbers speak for themselves: more than 6,000 clients, over 170,000 employees, operating in more than 70 countries. In Spain, the company employees over 5,000 people, with 14 offices in 12 cities across the country. DXC is laying its foundations and, therefore, as a new company, it needs to incorporate profiles of a range of different categories in various departments. “At the moment, we are creating the company and, as such, we are putting out our feelers to identify talent that can join the company in the short and medium term”, added Neus.

As an IT service provider operating all over the world, it specializes in providing the most powerful technologies to accelerate its clients’ transformation, in all types of sectors, and enable them to reap the benefits. “We guide our clients towards digital transformation”, explained Jordi Cirer, the director of the consultancy department in Spain. The directors highlighted the company’s technological independence, the world-class talent, and a clear vision underpinned by trust. The company’s portfolio of services includes everything from cloud, workplace and security to application services and analytics.

The company values that professionals joining DXC can expect to find are customer orientation, leadership, excellence in execution, aspiration and a focus on performance and results. Therefore, they also expect candidates to be able to adapt to these parameters.

The company is rolling out a University Program, “designed to attract young talent to grow in the company”. It offers participants the chance to develop in an international working environment, a career plan, international projects, professional development, new market technologies and global policies and processes. “We provide knowledge and training tailored to the needs of the company and each profile”. Neus explained that the format of this program is an internship with a training period and six hours’ paid work per day for at least six months, “before taking up positions in various departments and, on completion of the internship, being given a permanent contract”. 

For the program, the company is looking for recent graduates who want to enter the world of consultancy. They are not only searching for professionals specializing in IT because they also need to incorporate profiles in a range of departments, including human resources. Discussing the EAE studies with Neus, she was very interested in programs related to finance, business intelligence, project management and human resources.  

Therefore, the company needs proactive people who are keen to learn, know how to work in a team and have a passion for technology. “They also need a good level of English and must be ready to work. As always, we value skill and attitude”, explained the two directors. By way of a general tip, the Director of Talent & Acquisition at DXC Technology emphasized that, in a selection process, we have to be ourselves, convey honesty and have a good CV, but, above all, be sincere in the interviews.

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