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Thursday, 20 de July, 2017

On Tuesday 18th July, EAE organized a cultural trip to the famous Prado National Museum in Madrid, where more than twenty EAE students made sure not to miss this chance, keen to discover the hidden intricacies of the place.

On this occasion, we were lucky enough to have Susana Blas, an expert is art history, to act as a guide for the students on the tour, which lasted around an hour and a half.

During the visit, we had the opportunity to share our impressions with the students, who all agreed how useful it had been to have a guide to share their insight. “Being able to visit the Museum in this way is really interesting as, generally when you come to a museum, you look around on your own and you don’t really understand anything”, explained Lucrecia Muñoz, a student on EAE’s Master in Project Management.

Although most of the students had already been the Prado Museum before, there were some who were here for the first time, such as Regina Cáceres, “it is my first time here and I want to make the most of this opportunity offered by the School to get to know the Museum. With the help of the guide, we are learning loads”, added the student of Project Management.

Thanks to the expert, the students who took part gained an in-depth insight into Goya and Esteve’s Challenge of White, Goya’s black paintings and the masterpieces of Rubens and Tizziano, among others.

One of the objectives of this type of activities is to bring the students closer to a different culture to their own, in view of the fact that one of EAE’s key features is its multicultural diversity. “I think that this type of visit is necessary. I come from Bolivia and now I am living here in Spain. This helps me to understand a bit more about the culture and art here”, emphasized Bernarda Sáez, who is also a student on the Master in Project Management.

There are still a few months left before the students finish their studies at EAE, but we wanted to find out a little about their future prospects. Rodolfo Cortés, a student on the Master in Executive Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching, has only been in Spain for four months and, during our chat, he mentioned that “I am still not sure whether I will return to Costa Rica when I finish the Master but, in the long term, I would like to go back”.

Velálquez’s famous masterpiece Las Meninas (The Ladies-in-Waiting) was the icing on the cake to bring the tour to a close, being one of the Prado National Museum’s most iconic paintings, which did not fail to impress any of the students taking part.

After the tour inside the Museum, the students had the opportunity to continue their visit and enjoy the temporary exhibition entitledTreasures of the Hispanic Society of America”. It was a great success, and none of the students missed their chance to see it.

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